Why Does Your Baby Sweat So Much?

Is it normal for babies to sweat? This question is one of the frequently asked questions by parents. In fact, many parents get worried when they see their babies sweat. When babies sweat a lot, parents start to panic and get worried.

If you expected night sweats to be your problem and wonder if it is normal for your lovely baby to perspire when sleeping, you’re not alone. Most parents rush to the doctor immediately when they see the sweating baby with thoughts in mind that there might be an issue. So, it is important for you to know the truth and learn more about this common issue. This article will help you out.

The Truth about Baby Sweating

Before the babies born, they don’t sweat. They simply live in a liquid environment where mom controls the temperature of their body. Sweat glands do not work on the baby until he is born then he begin sweating depending on several factors.

In the first days, the forehead is the primary part of the baby’s body that sweats even though babies born with sweat glands covering the whole body. This is because the glands on the forehead are the only one functioning at the moment.

Even though sweat glands cover the entire body, the nerve system of the baby which is not yet completely matured, has not taken control of other sweat glands. When the baby is a few weeks old, the rest of the baby’s body glands start to function, making him sweat more. This will be the time where the babies will be able to sweat on their trunk, arms and then legs.

However, premature babies can’t sweat. They won’t experience sweating until about 37 weeks after they born. Premature babies can’t even shiver that’s why they need to have an incubator, because they are not able to control their body temperature just like normal babies can.

What is Considered Normal Sweating?

Like adults, some babies naturally sweat more than others. So if you’re worried about your baby’s sweating, calm down and know that this is a normal process. When you see your baby sweating on the head probably while sleeping or feeding, there is nothing to worry about and you don’t have to rush to the doctor like crazy. Commonly, this is because there is more temperature on the baby’s head than the fist of the child.

Sweating on the head when he sleeps is very common in children. In fact, it may last until he is about four years old. Sweating on their palms and soles is also common in enclosed environments especially when you wear them uncomfy shoes and coat pockets. There will also come a time where baby’s underarm goes sweating. This is usually caused by hot environments. So, when your baby becomes sweaty, calm down and know that this is normal and you can change his clothes to make him feel more comfortable.

However, there are still instances where you may want to worry a bit. Again, don’t freak out, it does not mean that if your baby is experiencing one of the down symptoms, he has an issue.

What is Considered Abnormal Sweating?

When your baby is experiencing excessive sweating during the day or while doing normal daily activities such as feeding this would be the time where your baby needs the help of his pediatrician. When babies sweat a lot, this can be a warning sign of something bad inside. This could be a sign of a heart problem as a human temperature is controlled by the nervous system. Also, when your baby has poor weight or is having weight loss with paleness or dusky skin color, expect him to sweat a lot.

Too much sweating can also be a sign of a nervous system disorder. Additionally, it can also be because he has a breathing problem, an overactive thyroid or is suffering a genetic disorder. Excessive sweating involves many other symptoms which will put baby’s life at risk when ignored. It is truly normal when you see your baby sweats but if it is too much, it’s always a good idea to bring him up to the baby’s health expert.

How to Prevent Baby from Too Much Sweating

Here are a few things to try in order to prevent your baby from sweating too much.

1. Avoid Overbundling

Babies that are younger than 6 months are prone to the possibility of being overbundled especially during cool bedtime. When you cover your baby too much, he will experience overheating in the long run. In fact, overheating has never been good for babies. It can be a serious cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) since it may cause the baby to fall into deeper sleep. The ideal room temperature for a baby should only be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit according to experts.

Avoid heating as early as possible. Don’t let your home be too warm. Keep your home temperature comfortable enough for the baby.

2. Avoid Overdressing

Keep your baby comfortably warm at night by wearing him dress that suits for the night. A sweet baby pajama and jacket along with a few warm clothing would be enough. If the weather is cold, a sleep sack is the safest and most comfortable clothing to choose. The baby should wear lightweight and soft suits to allow baby’s skin to breath. Make sure they are clean and fresh as it can cause itchiness on the baby’s skin.

Don’t let the baby be fully clothed elsewhere. Sometimes, the baby feels itchy or cries to let you know he feels uncomfortable with what he wears. But you don’t have to wait for the baby’s cry before you do something. Be careful also when using blankets, comforters or quilts. They can impair your baby’s ability to breath. If possible, avoid using them for sure.

Final Thoughts

While it is generally normal for your baby to sweat, excessive sweating could be an indication of a potential health problem. A baby sweats, no matter what the gender or age is. Unless he is premature, he won’t sweat until a specific age.

Why do babies sweat so much? It could be a warning sign for a disorder or some issue with your baby. So, the next time you notice too much sweat on the baby even on a normal day, make a move!

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