What You Should Know About Baby Dreams

Dreams are one of the few things that scientists have not yet fully discovered why they happen or for what reason they occur. These self-inflicted memories are as illusive as they are fascinating. While there is not an exact study who can tell when your baby is dreaming for the first time, Experts believe that a seven month fetus is already dreaming due to the muscle and eye movements common in dreamers, but no one knows when dreams start. Parents are probably wondering what they need to know about their babies dreams, and the following will help you understand better if your baby dreams, are they good or bad for his health, should you wake him up during dreams etc.

Do Babies Really Dream?

The first thing you should know is that most neuroscientists do not think babies are dreaming just yet. All of the signs are there, but no images are playing out. The brain is actually working overtime at the moment.

Babies spend a lot of time in REM sleep, almost three times the amount grown ups do. REM sleep is associated with dreams, but babies are forming pathways that they use in the morning to absorb as much information as possible. This is one reason you want to teach your baby as much as possible during those early stages.

Vital Image-Less Dreams

Now, you know those dreams your infant are having are likely not filled with horrors that you need to protect him or her from. A baby’s REM sleep might be vital for his or her development. This is the reason it is important that parents, along with anyone else in the household, do their best to avoid disturbing the baby. Let your baby sleep through this dream-like stage.

You should also remember that babies love to take naps, so make sure those are undisturbed, too. It is possible to put your baby on a strict schedule, but doing this is going to take some time. Just remember to start slow, and work your way to a full schedule.

Are Waking Up During Nights Okay?

Some parents worry about their babies when they wake up in the middle of the night, especially if they are kicking or twitching while they sleep. It could be that your baby’s brain activity is having a physical manifestation since there is a lot of stuff going on at the moment.

What You Should Know About Babies Dreams

Now, this does not mean you should not talk to your pediatric doctor just in case, but it is likely that your baby is just going through intense REM sleeping. So do not worry too much about your baby waking up in the middle of the night because it is normal. Some babies can fall back to sleep, but others have some trouble doing that, so you can blame your child’s development on your sleepless nights.

Also, some babies wake up in the middle of the night when they are not comfortable or have pain for different reasons. For example, the teething process is well-known for making babies feel uncomfortable and wake up in the middle of the night often.

Try to determine exactly what is causing the waking ups during the night, so you can help him feel better.

Should you Wake Up Your Baby during Dreaming?

As mentioned earlier, some parents suspect their baby is having a bad dream, or a parent may not want to wake up throughout the night. These parents tend to think it is a good idea to tire the baby out in the morning or even deprive the infant of sleep.

Babies want to go into that REM sleep mode often throughout the day, and you should not do anything to stop them from doing that. As you know, this is a very important process for your baby. Besides, depriving your child of sleep will cause him or her to produce more stress hormones or cortisol than normal, which could make your baby fussy and may even keep your baby up longer.

Hungry Dreamers

Many parents believe their babies are waking up hungry after those busy dreams. Yes, the brain is busy working, but babies are likely not waking up hungry. It is normal to think that your baby’s cries are associated with hunger, but that might not be the case at night. What you want to do is attempt to soothe your baby as much as you can. There might be a lot of other reasons why your baby is crying, so make sure you know exactly what is causing it.

Do not pick up your baby from the crib just yet, rather try sushing or humming a sweet song to your baby first. You can even try rubbing your infant’s back to try to calm him or her down so that the baby can fall back to sleep. Now, you can try other methods of soothing your baby if these tips do not work. Of course, this does not mean your baby is not hungry as it could be possible, but the likelihood is that the brain just overworked itself to a waken state.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know a little more about your baby and all the sleep he or she is getting. Yes, it may be a little disappointing to hear that babies may not be dreaming because it would have been interesting to imagine what kind of beautiful world a baby can create, but positive brain development is definitely a good thing, too. There might be a lot of other reasons why they keep waking up in the middle of the night. Just be sure to find the right reason why they wake up. It may be hunger or it might be just a teething eruption. Either way, don’t take actions without knowing what impact they have on your kid.

Also, if you are worried because you are noticing something strange to your baby, then do not forget to talk to your pediatric specialist to make sure that your baby is going through this developmental stage as he or she should be.

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