What Are The Signs When Baby Start Teething?

Being a parent is pretty exciting. You experience a lot of milestones during the baby’s life. The first teeth is one of these exciting milestones. With this major milestone, come a lot of worries, discomfort and pain. Your baby will experience several difficulties when this tooth is ready to emerge. The teething process is a unique experience for each child but the mutual discomfort and pain will be present to each one of them.

I know that there isn’t much you can do to make this process faster but you can try a few things to make your baby more comfortable and relieve his pain.

In order for you to prepare yourself for this process, you first should be able to determine if your baby is near teething or is something else causing his crying and discomfort.

So, in this article, I am going to show you what are the signs when baby start teething.

Baby Teething Signs

There isn’t any exact age of teething but the symptoms of teething can start to appear by as much as 2 to 3 months old. Usually, babies start teething around 6 months of age, but sometimes the first teeth can erupt as early as 3 months old and some others will have to wait until their 12 month birthday.

But, how do you tell when your kid is starting to get her first teeth? Down below, you can find a few signs that show what you are looking for.

Seeing a Tooth

The first and the most easily sign to spot is actually seeing a tooth. You should be able to spot a tooth when a tiny white dot slowly emerges and gets bigger.


Teething Process

Another teething sign is drooling. Teething stimulates drooling and the waterworks can appear for babies starting from about 10 weeks to 3-4 months or even older.

If you notice that your kid is starting to drool or his shirt is constantly soggy, then it is a good sign that they may be teething.

If he is drooling a lot, you might notice a facial rash or redness around the lips and mouth. This happens because of the amount of drool and you can avoid this issue by wiping the drool away continuously.


When babies start to teeth, they love to chew almost anything around.

That’s because the teeth erupting through the gums causes him a lot of discomfort. This discomfort can be released by chewing or biting. Anything that gets in their such as hands, wooden objects, their finger etc. will be chewed.

One way for you to avoid this is by buying some good teething toys. They are made of safe materials and can help your kid release the pressure without chewing their crib, fingers or your nipples (If you are breastfeeding).

Sore and Red Gums

If your baby’s gums are red and irritated, then they might be teething. If you notice redness on his gums, don’t worry, it doesn’t always mean that your little one is in pain.

Lack of Sleep

If he is having sleep problems recently, then this might be an indicator that he is teething. The lack of sleep may be a sign only when your baby hasn’t had sleeping problems before.

During this time, he might be waking up during the night for no reason but let them fall back asleep on their own. Try to sing a lullable if they are not falling asleep easily.

Constant Coughing

If your kid is coughing, then it doesn’t always mean that is because of teething but if he is coughing along with other mentioned signs, then it may be a teething reason.

The reason why babies cough while they are teething is because of the amount of drool flowing out of them. This amount can be overwhelming for them, so they start to a cough or gag.


Babies Teething Signs

As I mentioned before, each kid goes to a through unique teething experience but everyone will experience some pain and discomfort. The only way your baby can express pain and discomfort is by crying. If your baby is suddenly crying more often than before for no particular reason, then it might be teething.

Usually, the first teeth is the most painful one but the baby will eventually get used to what teething feels like and will not be so bothered later on his other teeth.

If your baby is crying a lot because of the teething process, you can talk to your pediatrician, so he can suggest you some pain relievers based on your situation.

Refuse to Eat

If your baby is experiencing a painful and uncomfortable teething process, then he may refuse to eat. It doesn’t matter if you are still breastfeeding him or he is eating solid foods. He will still refuse to eat. That’s because the suction motion may make infant’s gums feel worse. For this reason, babies start being fussy about feedings and don’t allow you to feed him anymore. The pain and frustration can increase even more after this occurs because of his hungry and empty stomach.

If this continue to happen for more than one day, it is better to call your pediatrician and explain the situation.

Pulling his Ear or Rubbing his Cheek

Babies who are experience a teeth eruption, will start to pull their ears or rub their cheeks furiously. That’s happens because our gums, ears and cheeks share nerve pathways, so an ache in the gums can travel to our ears or cheeks. (Babies with ear infections will also pull their ear, so consult your pediatrician if you suspect that your little child may be bothered by more than just teething.)

Final Thoughts

These are some of the signs that your baby is teething. The symptoms can vary a lot from baby to baby. For one baby, teething means discomfort and pain while another one can go through all his teeth without a complaint.

Either way, you can try to have these signs and symptoms on your mind, especially if your baby is at the teething age.

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