Some Pacifier Tips for Your Baby

As a parent, you are responsible for a lot of the decisions related to the comfort and well-being of your baby. You have to make sure that your baby feels comfortable and when he doesn’t, you have to find what is causing it and how you can make him feel good again.

The pacifier is one of the most important tools in your gear collection which will help you soothe and comfort your baby. Also, based on some research, it is one of the oldest tools used on babies. The first one were made of corn cobs and were used during the 17th century. As a tool which has survived centuries of science developments and experiments, you should give this tool its deserve respect.

But not every one knows how to properly use it, especially new parents with no previous experience. In this article, I am going to show you how to pick the right pacifier and a few tips and tricks to properly use it.

Should You Give a Pacifier to Your Baby?

Pacifier is very useful to soothe your baby when he doesn’t feel good and cries for no reason. I know that some babies can be soothed by rocking and cuddling but a few babies require something to suck even though they are fed up with formula or breast milk.

If your baby is still fussy after you have fed up him, burped, played with him and cuddled, then you might try a pacifier to see if it will satisfy him.

Also, another benefit of pacifiers is that during the bedtime, babies who use a pacifier have a lower risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is based on some studies and they don’t show exactly that pacifier itself prevents SIDS but babies who have used pacifier have a lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Pacifier Tips for Just Born Babies

Pacifier Tips for BabiesIf you are a new parent and decided to introduce a pacifier to your little baby, then you may find these tips useful:

1. Let your baby decide – Some babies like pacifier right away some others don’t. If your kid resists, don’t force it. Just try it one more time later and if he refuses it again, respect his preference and let it go.

2. Don’t use a pacifier to delay his feedings – Sometimes, you are too busy to feed your baby and use a pacifier to soothe him and draw his attention. This is not good for your kid but there situations when you can practice this, such as when you are near home or at the grocery store checkout line.

3. Start with a Soothie – If your baby is born in the hospital, probably he or she will get his/her first pacifier there. Hospitals use some pacifiers called Soothies. They have a disc shape and your kid will love them.

4. Choose an ugly one –  Most of the babies like the ugly pacifiers. I don’t know why but all the nice and good looking pacifiers I have bought for my kid, have been unused for a long time. The babies always like the ugliest ones.

5. Your kid might be picky – If you are facing difficulties because your baby doesn’t want to use a pacifier, then maybe he/she might be picky. Buy a couple of different pacifiers and see which one is your baby’s favorite.

6. Always Keep Stock – After you find which one is his favorite, then stock up. Buy a couple of extra pacifiers because they can be easily damaged and you don’t want to run out of them. You can keep two pacifiers for the diaper bag, two for the car and so on.

7. Keep Extra pacifiers – The pacifiers are small and very easy to lose. Try to keep extra ones wherever you can.

8. Use a pacifier clip – In order to prevent pacifier lose, you can use a pacifier clip. You can then attach it to the stroller or somewhere else.

9. Ziplocs on travel – Whenever we are traveling, we bring the pacifiers in a Ziploc bag. This bag makes them easier to find and keep them clean.

Pacifier Babies

10. Keep Cleaning Wipes – If a pacifier hits the ground, and I know that it will happen often, you have to clean it. To do so, you have to keep some cleaning wipes with you. These wipes do a good job cleaning and sanitizing a pacifier.

11. Watch for mold – Pacifiers spend much of their time in a moist place. This can make them condensation inside the rubber part and mold on the outside. Keep an eye on them and see if they develop mold. You can wash them using the dishwasher.

12. If your kid keeps refusing the pacifier, then this might be a sign that he is teething. The teeth grow usually happens at night so this situation happens often during the sleeping cycle.

13. Run the pacifier under cold water – A cold pacifier soothes the gums and sometimes will make them going back to sleep.

14. Buy a teething pacifier – If your kid is on teething process, then you can buy a teething pacifier. These type of pacifiers are specially designed to help teething babies.

15. Make the pacifier part of bedtime – You should make the pacifier part of your kid’s bedtime routine. It is just as important as a clean diaper. Give it a last sooth before you leave the room.

Final Thoughts

There are situations when you should skip the usage of a pacifier, even though it is one of the most useful tools in your baby gear collection. One of the most important one is if your baby is having difficulties to gain weight.

In other situations, the usage of a pacifier is very useful for you and your baby. It will help you soothe your baby, break the ugly thumb sucking habit and maybe prevent the scary sudden infant death symptom.

These are some pacifier tips for your baby. I hope you liked this article and learned something new from it. Feel free to share it with your friends on Social Media using the form below.

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