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Winner Announcement

After we reviewed and read all the submitted essays, the winner for this year's scholarship is: Sanjana Kannikeswaran.

Thank You everyone for participating in our scholarship program. You can find the winner's essay down below:

The Impact of Technology on Our Health

In today’s fast paced society, the implications of technology are widespread. We can send an email to the other side of the world in a heartbeat and access information with the click of a button. However, one area in which the impact of technology is not always discussed is health. The effects of modern technology on our health are both beneficial and detrimental, depending on if we consider healthcare as a whole or the health of an individual.

​Machines have completely revolutionized healthcare – specifically, the field of medicine. The invention of more precise instruments or robots have led to the ability to perform more non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, with implications mainly in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. Medical students can also use extremely life-like robots to practice diagnosing and treating patients. Diagnostics is another area that has been drastically improved by technology. With advancements in nuclear medicine, physicians are able to conduct MRIs and PET scans to examine a patient’s anatomy and identify the cause of illness without the use of invasive procedures (Banova). Diagnoses are made earlier and are more accurate, saving the lives of many people. Technology has also been used in medical research to find vaccines for widespread diseases; researchers at MIT are now able to use nanoparticles to deliver vaccines. The nanoparticles “guard” the vaccine, giving it time to engender a stronger immune response. Information technology (IT) has also played a large role in improving patient administration and health services management. Nurses and doctors can use apps to record and monitor a patient’s medical history, health status, and treatment plan and can access these apps easily on handheld devices. Health records can be placed in a main database, making it easy for doctors to access a patient’s information from anywhere in the facility (Khushmo). Technology has greatly benefited the field of medicine, and it shows no signs of stopping its progress: in fact, computers with voice and handwriting recognition and cutting-edge techniques like tele-surgery are predicted to be integrated into daily medicine in future years (Agius-Muscat).

​Despite its numerous benefits in medicine, technology has led to an increase in unhealthiness among people and is a large factor in the growing obesity epidemic. The extensive use of technology has led to a more sedentary lifestyle for most people. A study has shown that, in Americans, physical activity trends have decreased from 235 metabolic equivalents of task (MET) hours to 160 in 2009. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill predict a continuing downward trend, with only 142 MET hours per week by 2020 (How Does Technology). Another study, done on college students, found that “those who used their smartphones the most had poorer results on cardiorespiratory fitness tests than the less addicted” (Qidwae). In addition, the convenient size of smartphones and iPads enables us to use them at night while getting ready to sleep, which can decrease the time spent sleeping. Not only are we so obsessed with our phones that we prioritize sending texts over getting sleep, the exposure to light from the screens can actually impair normal sleep cycles. Gene Block, chancellor at UCLA, reports, “Bright light reduces levels of the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep, and decreases leptin, which makes you feel full. At the same time, bright light increases ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry”. In fact, the average adult now sleeps less than seven hours a night, when 50 years ago, the average was 8.5 (Cook). Technology has also negatively impacted mental health. The popularity of social media has led to increased self-esteem issues in teenagers, as they are constantly exposed to unrealistic expectations of body shapes and sizes on sites such as Instagram. Technology also has led to the advent of cyberbullying, making it easier for bullies to hide from punishment (Ehmke). Both of these issues can lead to increased depression, anxiety, and even suicide rates. Thus, while technology is beneficial in many ways, its flaws must be acknowledged and corrected.

The technological explosion we have seen over recent years has had extensive effects on our society, both positive and negative. On one hand, lives are saved every day in medicine due to the increased efficiency and accuracy from technological innovations. By the same token, however, the popularity of handheld devices and social media has taken a physical and psychological toll on the health of the individual user. Both sides of this story must be considered when evaluating technology and the impact we will choose to let it have on our future.

BabyMonitorLab is a parenting blog, specializing in parenting/baby articles including tips and tricks, informational and review articles.

Being a parenting blog, we recognize the power of the written words online and offline, so we want to help the creative minds exhibit their abilities in this area.

For this reason, we are pleased to announce the BabyMonitorLab Scholarship Program Award.

We all know the impact a good education can have in our life but since education is not cheap, not everyone has financial resources to meet his/her study goals.

That's why we set up our program to help aid the cost of attending. We know that $500 is not much and cannot pay all your education fees but We like to give our contribution no matter what. We are thinking to rise the award during the years, as we expect for this Scholarship Program to be active for years and award students on an annual basis.

Keep reading all the requirements to enter this scholarship program down below and If you found this scholarship beneficial and you believe you can achieve it, please don't hesitate in sending us the requirements and become part of this program.

Terms of Participation

In order to participate in the BabyMonitorLab Scholarship Program, you will have to research and write a piece of content about the "The Impact of Technology on our Health".

The content must be between 500-1000 words and you can include different ideas such as the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Health or other similar topics. 

The piece of content you are going to write must be creative and unique. Your essay content must be able to convince anyone who reads it that you know what you are doing and are correct.

Keep in mind that the winning essay will be published here, so everyone can read it.​

The person who submits the best essay will be awarded with $500 that he/she can use either in course materials or other resources.

Who Can Apply?

This scholarship program is only for current students who are in high school, college or university.

How to Apply?

First, write a 500-1000 words long essay on the topic of " The Impact of Technology on our Health".

Include your written essay and all the details below in a Word .doc file:

  • ​Your Details (First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Address)
  • School/University Name
  • Area of Study
  • Any School ID or Document (Proof that you are a Student on the Mentioned School)

After you have done all these steps, email us the Word Doc file as an attachment at with the Subject "Scholarship Submission".

Deadline, ​Selection & Notification Process

The final date for submission is the September 15th, 2017 and our staff will choose and announce the winner on the 1st of October 2017.

The winner name and essay will be published here, so everyone can read it.

Once you are selected as the 2017 Scholarship Winner, we will contact you and sent you the payment to your school student account or to you personally through one of these methods: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque, Paypal or Payoneer.

You decide if you want the payment to be made on your name or we send it on your Student School Account.

Important Note

One more thing I would like to say is that $500 are not enough for a college semester or even for a month of your expenses, but It is all we can offer at the moment. We will rise the award maybe next year as we are running this Scholarship Program every year.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at​

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