Noticeable Symptoms of Baby Girl When You Are Pregnant

One of the biggest questions of pregnant mothers is if they are going to have a girl or boy. There is not any official way to determine the genre of your upcoming baby but there are some symptoms, which can indicate that you will be a proud mom of a girl or a boy.

It may sound a bit silly but it is true. In this article, I am going to show you these symptoms and signs of having a baby girl.

Here are some noticeable symptoms of girl during pregnancy:

1. Higher Heart Rate

The higher heart rate means that you have more chances of having a girl.

The advanced monitors at the doctor appointment can hear your baby’s heart rate closely and if the heart rate is high and above 140-160 beats per minute, it means that you possibly are having a girl.

This is kind of a semi-scientific and risk free method for you to try to determine the gender of your upcoming child.

2. Her Position – Higher or Lower?

If you appear to carry your pregnant baby higher, it indicates that you are going to be a mom of a girl and if the carrying position is low, then it means that you are going to have a boy.

3. Morning Sickness

Researchers have shown that girls cause more morning sickness to a mother than boys, so if you are having severe morning sickness, then it is a clear sign that you are having a girl.

4. Skin Acne

Another symptoms of a possible upcoming girl to your family can be determined by your skin acne. If blisters and rashes start appearing on your skin during the gestation phase of pregnancy, then it possibly means that you are having a girl. That’s because the hormonal imbalance triggers acne in your body.

5. Your Belly Shape

Another sign of having a girl is your belly shape. It can play an important role in determination of your upcoming child gender.

If most of the weight of the baby is in front, you will give birth to a boy but when you carry your baby in the middle, then it is a sign of a girl.

Girl Symptoms

6. Mood Swings

Mood swings can be another sign of a upcoming girl. Pregnant women with a girl have more mood swings than other pregnant women who are expecting boys. These moods include extreme irritability, depression, anger etc.

7. Your Breast Size

Watching closely your breast size during pregnancy, can help you determine the child’s gender. When your left breast is slightly bigger than the right one, it means that you are expecting a girl.

8. Your Sleeping Side

If you sleep on the left side for most of your pregnancy time, then you are expecting a boy but if you sleep on the right side, then you are expecting a girl.

9. The Skull Theory

If you are pregnant and are expecting a girl, the ultrasound picture shows that your baby has a tapered head and rounded lower jaw.

10. The Baking Powder Test

A simple test you can do to possibly know what genre is your baby is by putting a tablespoon of baking powder in a glass and add some of your urine on it. If the reaction turns out fizzy, then you are expecting a boy but if there is not reaction at all and the color remains the same, then It means that you are having a girl.

11. The Garlic Test

If you eat a clove but still your body odor doesn’t change but remains normal, then it is a sign of a girl. If you are expecting a boy, the smell of garlic can easily seeps out of your pores.

12. Urine Color

The color of your urine can determine the sex of your upcoming kid. Dull yellow urine color means that you are carrying a girl.

13. Sweet Foods

If you suddenly start liking more sweet foods, then it means that you are expecting a girl. Mothers who are pregnant with a boy crave for more salty and savory snacks.

14. Another Breast Size Symptom

When you notice a huge change in the size of your breasts, then you are expecting a girl. Mothers who are expecting a boy don’t see a dramatic change is the size of their boobs.

15. Hair Texture

If your hair is looking thin and dull, it means that you are carrying a girl. The shiny and glossy hair can indicate an upcoming boy.

Old Wives Tales Tests

The upper mentioned symptoms are more modern and are determined by the combination of science and mother experiences during the years. The symptoms and test down below are more of a old wives tales test and the results of them are not fully tested.

1. Ring Test

One theory suggests that tying a random ring using a thread and let it roll over your stomach. If the rings rotates in a circular motion, then it is a sign of a girl.

2. The Linea Nigra

The dark line that appear on the baby bump may indicate whether you are having a girl or a boy. If the line continues above your belly button, you are having a boy. But, if the lines finishes below your belly button, then it is a girl.

3. Body Clues

Some legends predict that when you are having a girl in your womb, she steals all your beauty. As a result, you will start to notice the appearance of skin acne and blemishes.

But, if you are experiencing dry hands and cold feet, then it can be a sign of a boy.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the common symptoms which indicate that you are expecting a girl. They are not 100% sure but still, you can try them and feel a little better by knowing the genre of your upcoming lovely baby.

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