LeFun HD WiFi Monitor Review

The LeFun HD is a user-friendly camera that anyone can use. This camera, besides the baby monitor function, can be used as a security camera, intercom system etc.

It is easy to setup, a lot of accessories are included in the package and offers you a high-quality 720p video streaming.

Using the Pan and Tilt Function, you can benefit from Its wider angle up to 350 degrees horizontal and 100 degrees vertical. It also comes with two-way audio, built-in IR LEDs which allow you to see and record in complete darkness, SD Card slot and a resolution up to 1280*720.

To learn more about its advantages, disadvantages and customer reviews, you can read more down below.​

LeFun HD

LeFun WiFi HD Features

As I mentioned before, this camera is packed with useful features. Pan and Tilt, HD Video Recording and Streaming, SD Card Slot, Motion Detector, Night Vision etc. are some of the useful features of this camera which comes at an affordable price.

Super Easy Setup with Plug and Play

The LeFun HD comes with a super easy setup system. You can set up this camera with 3 easy steps:

1. First, you have to connect the camera to your WiFi router using the WPS function in just one button press.

2. Go to the App Store on your smartphone or tablet and Search & download the free "MIPC" remote control app.

3. After you download the remote control app, use it to scan the QR code found at the bottom of the camera and log in using the default credentials.

That's it! You have successfully setup the camera and you can start viewing. Also, it is recommended to change the default password from the app settings.

Motion Alerts

LeFun HD  Mobile Review

Another great feature of this camera is the Motion Alerts. You can setup the camera to start recording and send you an alert to your smartphone when it detects any moving in the ambient.

With this feature, you don't have to watch your kid's room all the time but the camera will alert you when your baby is moving.

Also, you can set up the sensitivity of the motion, so the notifications don't become annoying.

Pan and Tilt Function

LeFun Features Review

The Pan and Tilt function is kind of a premium feature when it comes to monitor devices. Only the most expensive cameras on the market have this feature. But, LeFun makes an exception. Although it comes at the cheapest price, it has a Pan & Tilt function. You can pan horizontally up to 350 degrees and tilt vertically up to 100 degrees.

This Pan and Tilt capability combined with the built-in IR LEDs for the night vision are some killer features when you compare this monitor with its rivals.

Also, two other useful features found on the MIPS app are the digital zooming capability and talking to your child using the two-way audio system.​


  • Super Easy Setup
  • HD Video Streaming and Recording
  • SD Card Slot
  • Cheap Price
  • Night Vision up to 30ft
  • Two Way Audio System
  • Pan and Tilt Function
  • Motion Detector


  • You must have a WPS WiFi Router to configure or use Ethernet Cable Instead

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many users can view the camera video at once?

A: This device allows several different users viewing the camera video at the same time. You can create different guest accounts with different roles.

Q: How many days of recordings will the 32GB SD Card hold?

A: A 32GB SD Card usually is able to continuously record for 3-5 days depending on the set resolution.

Q: Do I need a memory card to take shots?

A: No, the SD Card is optional. The taken shots will be saved on your phone or tablet.


The LeFun HD is a great device, with a lot of useful features to consider. It comes with HD Video Quality, Night Vision, Motion Sensor. Two Way Audio System, Pan & Tilt Capabilities, SD Card Slot and a very affordable price for everyone.

The only disadvantage this camera has is that it needs WPS WiFi Router to be connected wirelessly. If you don't have a WPS Router, you have to use the ethernet cable.

If you are looking for the best device, with a lot of useful features and a reasonable price, then LeFun HD may be the perfect wifi baby monitor product for you and your family.

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