Features to Consider When Buying a WiFi Baby Monitor

Without any doubt, wireless baby cameras are a very important gadget for every parent, who want to be sure that their precious kid is safe and comfortable.

Each device brand and model has its own advantages and disadvantages, which come with various features, capabilities and price tags.

You may be a little confused which model you should get for your home. To prevent this,  I am going to show you some features to consider when picking a surveillance camera.

When it comes to buying a monitor, you may be confused which features and model are the right ones for you. You can read more down below which features to consider and how to choose one, based on your need, so you can easily pick the perfect model for your little one.

Features To Consider

Advanced Smartphone App

Perhaps, the most important factor when you choose the best model is its smartphone app. The iOS/Android App helps you look in on your kid, where ever you are. These apps use WiFi technology to communicate with the device, so you can remotely view and control the camera from a phone or tablet.

You should definitely look for a device, with a user-friendly and free advanced mobile app. A perfect example is Withings Home Bundle.

Night Vision

Night Vision is another feature you should consider when buying a wireless camera. There are two different cameras, the ones which work in total darkness and cameras which work in low light environments. You should pick a camera which offers clear night vision mode in total darkness, not in low light environments, so you can see your kid while sleeping.

So, make sure to check out if the model you are planning to buy has Night Vision Mode.

Two-Way Communication

Another important feature when you are planning to choose a device is two-way communication. This feature, allows parents to speak to their kid via their smartphone and their kid to speak to them back using the device’s microphone.

This feature is very useful because your voice is sufficient enough to comfort your kid or help the child sleep, preventing you from going to their room, so you can continue with your work or go back to sleep.

Other useful features you should consider are lower battery indicator, SD Card Slot, Pan & Tilt Controls etc.


Although there are a lot of other features to consider, these are three main features you should consider when buying a wireless baby camera.

When you are looking to buy a surveillance camera, a valuable resource is the reviews posted by customers on Amazon or our opinions on BabymonitorLab.

Try to read different reviews, so you can find the perfect monitoring device for your needs.

Another benefit of using Amazon is that, if you made a bad choice, you can always return the item you purchased and buy another one.

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