Do’s and Don’ts for First Time Moms

Being a first-time mom can be exciting and scary at the same time. You are now responsible not only for yourself but for a cute,tiny and little creature. You have to take care of almost everything about him until a certain age. When you are a first-time mother, things can go wrong very easily. As a first time mom, in many instances, you have to learn by first-hand experience.

But, in order to prevent some of the most frequent situations which happen to first-time mothers, you can read more down below to learn Do’s and Dont’s for First Time Moms.

There are a lot of unexpected things that can happen to you as a new mom, but I am going to list some of the most frequent situations that concern most of the first time mothers.

Things to Do as a First Time Mom

Here are some of the things that you should do as a first-time mother:

1. Do prepare as much as you can in advance – I mean, if you are going to work and grow your baby at the same time, it can be very stressful to manage all your tasks. Try to prepare a few things in advance, such as the nursery, stockpiled the diapers, bags, put all the important papers in one folder etc.

2. Do experiment with a variety of diapers – Often, first mothers are loyal to a diaper brand without actually trying it. You have to try different brands and see which one better fits your baby, which one is more absorbent and which one is more affordable. I recommend you to buy large packs of diapers, so you will save a lot of money.

3. Do have a few changing stations around your home – Most new moms have only one changing station but it is much easier when you have at least two changing stations set up around your home. Especially if you have a big home with levels, you should definitely have one station upstairs and one downstairs.

4. Do sleep when your kid sleeps – Most of the mothers, as soon as their kid falls asleep, they start doing something else, such is cleaning the house, shower or doing something else. The truth is that you need rest. This happens usually during the day after you pass a rough night waking up every two or three hours. For the first few months, you should utilize the help of family and friends, so you can catch up on sleep and rest a bit.

5. Do ask for help – Ask your family or relatives for help. They will likely offer their help especially if you are a new mom. Different chores such as laundry, cooking etc. can be a huge release.

6. Do take care of yourself – Pregnancy is very intense and you will be tired almost all the time. Take advantage of healthy foods and go out often.  Try to take a walk around the block or do a relaxing activity.

Things Not to Do as a First Time Mom

Here are some of the things not to do as a first-time mother:

1. Don’t plan a lot of meet and greets with a lot of friends – When you become a parent for the first time, everyone and anyone will want to meet and congratulate you. But you need to rest, especially if you have had a C-section. It may be a bit difficult to fight off happy guests but you can politely tell them that you need days to settle in before start having guests. There can be an exception for very close friends and family because you speak openly with them and tell them when to come and when to leave.

2. Don’t be afraid to run the vacuum when your kid is sleeping – Babies are used to loud and muffled noises in the womb. Don’t worry about cleaning noises or other noises around your home. In fact, some noises are calming them. One of the biggest mistakes of new parents is that they don’t orient their baby to everyday noises happening in the background every day. Try to have a normal life even when your kid sleeps. Clean, watch TV, cook etc. while your baby sleeps and he/she will become used to these sounds and won’t wake up when he/she hears them.

3. Don’t try to read every book or buy every training course on the market – Being a first time mom can make you read as many books as you can or even take a lot of training courses. But, the truth is that nowadays every celebrity or author has a pregnancy book or training. You will get information overload if you try to read every book out there. Read what you think is more interesting or maybe the top recommendations from other moms or relatives.

4. Don’t feel bad when refusing other people advice – When you are a first time mom, everyone around you, starting from your close friends to strangers in the store, will start giving you parenting advice and opinions. While sometimes they are useful, there are a lot of situations where you become confused and don’t know what to do. Try to listen only to your pediatrician’s advice and other trusted sources.

5. Don’t invest in expensive bottles – If you are bottle feeding your kid, don’t buy expensive bottles. Any bottle will have the same function. Get a simple bottle that reduces air intake and go from there! Except when your baby has some special feeding needs, then you may buy a special bottle.

These are some of the Do’s and Dont’s for first time mothers. While there may be a lot of other suggestions to do and not to do during pregnancy, I decided to include only the ones that I have most useful when I was pregnant with my first baby.

Try to have these tips in mind and I hope that they will help you to be a better mom and make better decisions that will benefit yourself, your family and your newborn!

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