Best Healthy Foods For Babies (Incl. Infographic)

Babies are so delicate and every food they eat affect their overall development. As they eat less than normal people, parents have to choose carefully what food is being consumed by young children and it can be defined perfectly with the term the “quality over quantity”.

Parents are responsible, as they decide the types of foods children should take in the first years of their life. As a consequence of this, they have to make sure to choose healthy foods, rich in proteins and other nutrition values.

When it comes to feeding the baby, there is no “Top 5” list of super foods to stick with .There are many good foods but experts recommend to limit your little one to a few “best” foods for each stage of development.

Since babies develop at different rates, it is recommended to talk with your pediatrician to better know when your baby is ready for solid foods and if you should add certain foods to your baby’s diet.

With lots of healthy foods out there, only a few of them stand out from the pack and are recommended for babies.

In addition to breast milk or baby formula, here are some of the Best Healthy Foods For Babies at each stage of development and Some of the foods that should be avoided for the feeding of your baby.

Best Healthy Foods for Babies Infographic

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