7 Bad Baby Habits for the First Year and Beyond

When you first become a parent, you are overwhelmed and stressed about your newborn. You are now responsible for a new creature and his health is based on your decisions.

You continue to read different books and watch videos online to prepare yourself for this life challenge but still, mistakes are inevitable. During this period, you will establish some good habits to grow your kid but still, bad habits are always there and you will want to avoid doing them.

So, I am going to show you 7 bad habits you should avoid on your baby during the first year of his life and beyond.

Note: Even though most of these habits are applied on your baby’s first year, they can still be present even after your baby is older than 1 year old.

1. Giving Up On Nursing Too Soon

When you first become a parent, nursing might seem like the most natural and easiest thing in the world, but the truth is that it can be hard. Like everything, “Practice Makes Perfect” but at the beginning, it wears you out, it’s difficult to get started and very tough to do it, especially while working or traveling.

But, even though it is uncomfortable and tedious sometimes, don’t give up to early. Keep going as long as you can because nursing has lots of benefits for your child such as providing the best nutrition, confers natural immunity, saves a lot of money etc.

2. Sleep Shortcuts

This bad habit is very important because it affects your kid’s health and the peace of your household. You baby can get into bad sleeping habits by taking shortcuts such as letting him or her sleep on the couch or in your bed.

It is recommended for you to establish a consistent bedtime routine for your kid by following good sleep training practices. Doing so will help your kid become healthier and you will feel good.

 3. Letting the Germs In

Babies, as a new developing creature, are very curious. They just came in this world and are growing fast every day, so they want to explore and learn what surrounds them. They put everything in their mouth, starting from their hands and then every other possible object around them. By doing so, they discover the taste, texture and shape of different objects.

As you can’t prevent this, you can at least make sure that everything around you is clean, especially if you have pets. The most common objects are the ones that baby uses most and are around him, such as a bottle, a pacifier, a book, a toy etc. Just make sure that these objects are clean when you put near your baby.

Also, another mistake that a lot of parents do is letting their friends or relatives tough their baby with dirty hands. You have to make sure that even them should have their hands clean when they touch your kid. You can keep a hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands when you are on the go.

I know that it can be a bit harsh sometimes and hurt their feelings when you prevent friends from cuddling your baby but put your baby’s needs first.

4. Overload on Baby Gear

A parent always tries to buy everything their kid needs. But, sometimes, they don’t understand that they buy a lot of gear that you don’t need. You can end buying a lot of gear or products which you may never use.

Try to buy only the most important things at the beginning, such as a bouncer, stroller or a monitor. You can even ask your relatives with 1-2 year old babies what gear they found most useful and what gear they never needed.

So, spend your money carefully and buy only the most necessary gear. If you end up buying everything and putting them in a small room, your baby will start to feel uncomfortable and maybe have breathing difficulties.

5. Buying Everything New

Growing a kid can be very expensive. They need a lot of gear and attention, which will cost you a lot of money, especially big things like strollers and jumpers. Based on some research, an average family spends about $22,000 buying everything a baby needs.

One way to save some money is to find some second-hand ones in a great condition by asking friends, relatives or even strangers who sell them on Amazon or Ebay.

If you buy them second-handed, make sure that they are in working condition and seems maintained well from the previous owner. This way, you will not end up buying the same product twice and your baby will be safe from any possible germs.

6. Insufficient Babyproofing

You have to spend a lot of money on gear and all other necessary things to make the house ready when your baby is entering the crawling/walking stages. During this period, he starts to feel motivated and clever to try and explore everything.

So, you have to double check your home if you have secured the electrical outlets, electrical cords, stairs, ledges, tippy furniture and everything else which can be a possible danger for your baby.

Also, put all your valuable objects and breakable vases in the best-babyproofed drawers.

7. Not Capturing the Best Moments

Taking care of your baby can keep you busy so you forget to enjoy the time being with him. Every day, he gets older, bigger and less reliant on you. Spend some time taking photos or recording a moment or milestone, such as first walking, crawling etc.

They will never be this little again and it will be too late when you realize how much time has gone already.

So, here you have 7 bad baby habits for the first year and beyond. I know that there are a lot of other habits which you can prevent but I decided to include only the 7 most important ones based on my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this article and actually learned a few things to have in mind during your baby-growing journey.

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