25 Fun Facts About Babies

Babies are some of the most wonderful things in the world. They are mysterious, incapable of taking care of themselves, so inocent but they know exactly what they are doing.

To find more about the babies, you can read this article and learn 25 fun facts about them.

Babies have some strange abilities that most of us haven’t. Here are some of them:

1. They can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Babies can breathe and swallow simultaneously until they are about seven months old. However, this ability can be defeated by a stuffy nose, that’s why they hate getting sick.

2. Newborns cry without tears until they are three to six weeks old.

Most newborns cry without tears until they are three to six weeks old. After that age, their tears contain stress hormones which helps to calm down.

3. Babies are born with swimming abilities.

They can swim until a specific age. They can also hold their breath but both these abilities are quickly disappeared.

4. Most newborns lose all the hair they are born in 3-4 months.

5. A baby’s brain contains about 100 billion neurons.

That is the reason why they pick up everything. These neurons will be available throughout their life and new neurons won’t be made.

6. About 80% are born with a birthmark.

There are two categories of birth marks: red birth marks and pigmented birth marks. The first one takes its color from blood vessels and appear shortly afer birth while the second one is always present at birth.

7. Newborn’s kneecap is made entirely of cartilage.

8. Their heart beats 180 times/minute at birth.

This amount drops to 115 beats per minute when they are 1 year old. By adulthood, the heart rate is 70-80 beats per minute.

9. Babies are born nearsighted.

Babies can focus only things about 10 inches from their noses. This means that they see their little hands and their mother’s face. When they are about six moths, their eye’s focus start improving.

10. They have very sophisticated hearing.

They can find out where a sound is coming after 10 minutes of being born.

11. Baby’s senses are developed from head to toe.

12. They have a strong smell sense.

13. They like high pitched voice and singing.

These are some fun facts about babies. Down below, you can find some facts about parents.

14. A new parent in the US spend about $7000 in a baby’s first year.

All this spending fee doesn’t include medical costs.

15. A baby takes one night of sleep per week from his/her parents.

A new baby usually takes about 350-400 hours of sleep from their parents during the first year. This means that parents lost one day per week from their sleep.

16. The average diaper changing time is about 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

17. Premature babies don’t sweat.

The kids which are born more than 2 weeks premature don’t sweat. They begin sweating when they are older.

18. A lot of famous celebrities and scientists were preemies.

Famous celebrities like Picaso, Churchill, Einstein, Darwin, Newton etc were preemies.

19. Newborn triple their weight by twelve months.

20. A baby can eat up to 15 pounds of cereal per year.

21. A baby’s head is 1/4 of total body length.

22. A baby has 300 seperate bones at birth while adults have only 206.

23. The brain of newborn accounts for 10% of body weight while in adults that is just 2%.

24. 1 Year old Baby’s foot size equals half of their adult foot size.

25. Babies laught about 300 times a day while adults only 60 times.

This number applies once they learn to laugh.


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