10 Reasons Why Reading Books with Your Child is Important

Are you wondering how to help your children develop a love for reading? The best way to do it is by starting to read with him while he is still young.

Reading can be the most important trait you would like for your child but he will not be acquiring it unless you teach him the importance of books and reading. Like most parents, you probably want your children to become smart and reading is a great way to start with.

An infant can look pictures, listen to voices and point out objects even at just a few months of age. Guide your child to learn the importance of language by uttering some words while pointing to the pictures. Gradually, your children will learn to love the sound of language right before they even see the life of printed pages.

When the rhythm and melody of verbal communication becomes a part of your child’s life, learning to read can be something as natural as talking. Reading books aloud to your children can give a lot of benefits. In this article, you will learn why we should pay attention to it.

Importance of Reading with Your Children

1. Help Prepare their Minds

The shared reading has a lot of benefits and almost no disadvantages. Your child will not remain a kid for long. Sooner or later he will grow up and you will need to send him to school. Reading with him at a very young age can make him ready for his schooling years and take it more easily. It will help both you and your child at the end. To see how successful your child can be is truly overwhelming and it is undeniably a big accomplishment for you as parent.

2. Expose them to Rich Language

Reading with your children exposes them to rich language and diverse content as well. The language of books can turn your child into a more competent human being as they grow older. Books have a larger vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures than the one-way communication we tend to use every day.

3. Enrich Family Bonds

Reading with your children can enhance family ties and closeness. It can give a great opportunity to parents in which they can make the conversation enjoyable while allowing the child to learn new things. So, reading together can turn out to be a great family time. This would be the time where you share your passions, thoughts and listen to what your child wanted to speak out the most. When you build a conversation around a book, you encourage your kids to express themselves.

4. Develop Fluency

Children commonly have not enough confidence and are not strong enough to interpret everything they see. Fluency in reading is essential to building a strong and self confidence, so they can move on to life alone. Reading is not just an essential tool to enhance the reading speed of your child but to highlights the bridge comprehension as well. Reading the book aloud with them can also help develop their hearing ability and break out the struggling of mispronunciation.

5. Bring out the Fun

Teaching you kids to read does not have to be boring and serious. Reading with them can bring out the fact that reading can be fun. Children love funny doings so try to turn your reading ability into a more entertaining activity. The best way to do this is to dress yourself up just like the character you found to be funny in the book or spread up some sort of funny facial expressions. The more the kids are entertained the quicker they are likely to learn.

6. Give a Calming Effect

When your child is restless or is too fussy, reading can calm him down. When you read stories and he will listen to it, he will eventually engage himself leading him to have a soothing, calming spirit. Reading is important to make your child get a comfortable night sleep. Some kids get obsessed with certain type of books; you can bring that out every time he is acting wild. Don’t mind reading the same book over and over again.

7. Promote Longer Attention Span

When you read and your children love it, they give attention to it. This will hone their attention skills which are the essential skill for them to be capable of concentrating. Reading is one of the best ways to observe your child’s ability to concentrate. The focusing capability of a child is important to win his in and out school life and only you can make a great start.

8. Expand Chain of Knowledge

Children are born to learn. As a child, they don’t have much experiences and stories to tell. They don’t have much knowledge to store up. When you open up a book with them, their learning starts to expand. When you open some more books, you allow them to discover their growing chain of knowledge.

9. Teach Thinking Skills

Your children will learn the importance of thinking skills as early as possible when you spend some time reading with them. Books are not just full of fairy tales but they also contain lots of facts of how it is beneficial for your kids. When you read, your child learns to understand the cause and effect, the logic and abstract terms of the story.

10. Provide Greater Brain Activation

Reading has always been the top Pediatricians’ recommended activity at home as kids who had been exposed to home reading showed to have greater brain activation than those who do not. Reading is all about visual stimulation, multisensory integration, and sound integration. Reading with your child can build brain networks that will give long-term transitions.

Summing Up

Reading and storytelling with your children is a great way to spend time together. It is a great way to help promote language, brain development, literacy, intelligence and of course – knowledge. Reading can help children develop in a lot of ways. Just by gazing at books with your child, you can be a great knowledge provider while strengthen the family relationship. Are you ready to see the next page of your child’s improvement? Turn out the page!

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