WiFi Baby Monitor Buying Guide

WiFi Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Back in the old days, when you had to be in your baby’s room all the time to check if he/she is crying or sleeping. This could be a very annoying thing, especially if you are watching TV or you accidentally wake him/her up with the door opening or floorboard creak.

But, with the development of technology, we have a huge opportunity to avoid this and live a better life.

Nowadays, you can hear and watch your baby wherever you are. You only need a baby monitoring device from BabyMonitorLab and a smartphone or tablet.

But, there are a lot of models out there and most of them are expensive for an average income family.

So, I am going to tell you How you can choose the right baby monitor for you and what features you should consider.

How to Choose a Baby Monitor – WiFi Baby Monitor Buying Guide

When you have to choose between several models of baby monitors, there are a lot of features to consider. You have to choose a monitor with only the most useful features for your needs, so you can save money and buy the right monitor.

Down below you can find out what to look for on a WiFi Baby Monitor.

Features to Consider on a WiFi Baby Monitor

Camera Quality and Viewing Angle

Camera Quality and Viewing Angle are one of the most important things to consider when buying a wifi baby monitor. You have to choose to buy an HD or an HQ Quality Camera. Probably, HD is the recommended one as you can see your baby in high definition quality.

Also, you need to choose a monitor with a wide viewing angle, so you can see your baby entirely in one shot. Some cameras have pan and tilt function with remote control, so you can see what is going on easily.

A good example of an HD Quality Camera with Pan & Tilt Remote Control Function is iBaby M6 HD.

Sound & Two Way Audio Function

Another feature to consider is the ability to record the sound or talk with your baby. If you need to hear what is your baby doing or talk back to it, then you should definitely consider a monitor with a Two-Way Audio Communication System.

Movement Sensor

The movement sensor is a very useful feature on baby monitors because it sends you a notification if your baby starts moving.

Night Vision

Although WiFi Baby Monitors transmit a clear picture with good colors during the day, when it is darker, especially during the night, the image can be unclear and blurry. So, you may need a high-quality night vision baby monitor if Night Vision is a priority for you.

Lullaby Mode

One cool feature you should consider is if the monitor has lullaby mode. This mode lets you play a tune into the room to gently send your baby off to sleep.

Probably, the best monitor with this feature, HD Video, Two-Way Audio and a lot of other features to consider is Withings Home Bundle.

Room Temperature Sensor

Some monitors will allow you to measure the baby’s room temperature and notify you if the temperature goes above or below the highest and lowest limit.

Other Features

Other features to consider are:

– A Night Light is an integrated light, which makes a cool, low light for your baby so he/she can easily fall to sleep.

– SD Card is another feature to consider. It allows you to expand the monitor memory and record more sound and video, so you can see them later.


Probably, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a WiFi Baby Monitor is the price. They are known as non-cheap devices but the truth is that if you are on a tight budget, you can find affordable monitors with a lot of great features, like this one or this one.

I recommend you to better spend some money on a high-quality baby monitor, like this one, so you won’t have any quality issues later.

Another thing to consider is that high-quality wifi baby monitors can also be used as security cameras later, so it would be a smart decision to buy a 2-in-1 camera, like this one.

These are some of the most important features and things to consider when buying a wifi baby monitor.

Try to determine which are the most useful features for you and choose a monitor based on these factors.

Which Baby Monitor to Buy?

Are you having difficulties to find Which Baby Monitor to Buy?

You can check the Best WiFi Baby Monitor Reviews based on our opinion and try to find the perfect baby monitor for your needs.