Why Do Babies Cry? – Here Are Top 10 Reasons

Your newborn baby is fully depended on you. His health is based on your decisions. You provide his food, warmth, comfort and everything else. When he starts to cry then he is trying to communicate with you. Until he starts to speak, crying is the only way he speaks to you. They use crying as a way to express hunger, pain, discomfort, fear, need for sleep etc.

But, how are you supposed to know what your kid is trying to tell to you? At first, it can be a little tricky to understand what he is trying to tell you by crying, but with practice and time, you will start to understand him and learn what they say by crying.

If you are trying to learn more about baby crying, here are the top 10 most common reasons why do babies cry:

Top 10 Reasons Why Do Babies Cry


This is probably the first thing you think of when your lovely kid starts crying. Hunger is the most common reason why babies cry, especially if he is a newborn. The younger the baby, the more likely it is that the reason why he cries is hunger. That’s because they have a very small stomach and it can’t hold much. It will not last long until they require milk again, especially if you are breastfeeding.

If you are formula-feeding, your newborn may not need milk again at least two hours after his last feed. If your baby doesn’t finish his feeds, that means that he may prefer little and often feedings. Some signs to know when your baby is hungry are: fussing, smacking of lips, rooting, putting their hand to their mouth etc.

Also, he may not stop crying immediately even after you feed him, so wait for a few minutes.

Needs a New Diaper

When they diaper gets dirty, some babies start crying. Some others tolerate a dirty diaper but you can change it anyway, so he can feel better. The reason why the dirty diaper bothers them is because their skin start to feel irritated.

Also, a few babies start crying after they get their new and clean diaper. This happens because they are not used to the strange feeling of cold air on his skin. One diaper tip you can try is to distract him by singing a song or giving a toy.

Newborn Crying

He is Tired

Another reason why babies cry is when they are tired. Babies may fuss and cry especially when they are overly tired.

It may take a while for you to notice when he is tired, but eventually you will get better at noticing him.

Whining and crying at the slightest thing and staring blankly into space are two common examples he needs sleep because he is tired.

She just Feel Like Crying

If your baby is less than five months old, then she may cry in the late afternoon or evenings. This is a normal thing for the babies at that age. Crying is part of a healthy baby. It can be stressful for you but for your baby it may be normal.

She may Need a Cuddle

Your little kid sometimes needs a cuddle to comfort her. You can try a baby sling and try to sway and sing to her while you hold her.

Also, if you hold your baby close to your heart, the heartbeat, the warmth and the smell of your body will soothe her, making her more comfortable and stop crying.

She may Need to Burp

If your baby starts crying during or after a feed, then she may have wind. Wind is air in your baby’s tummy, which he or she swallow while she is fed or when she cries. Swallowing air may cause discomfort to your baby if it is stuck inside. Patting or rubbing her back are good ways to make her burp.

It is too Hot

Try to not overdress your kid because she may become too hot. This may be the reasons why she cries. Generally, babies need one more layer of clothing than adults to be comfortable.

It is too Cold

The same thing happens with cold. Cold may be an another reason why your baby may cry. Try to keep her clothes in your room instead of the closet, so they can be a little warmer. Babies, especially get too cold when you have her nappy changed or being bathed.

He doesn’t feel well

If your baby doesn’t feel well, then she will probably cry in a different tone or her crying may seem more like screaming than crying.

Babies are extra sensitive and things which can cause him scratches, such as clothes tag or hard fabric, can cause crying.

They can be bothered even from the smallest things that are very hard for adults to notice. Something such as a hair wrapped tightly around their toe or finger, which will cut off the circulation may cause them discomfort, making them to cry. (This is also called “hair tourniquet” by doctors and it is one of the first thing they look if your baby cries for no other reason.)

If you believe your child is not feeling well, call or set a meeting with your pediatrician.

Too Much Attention

Usually, stimulation of the world help babies learn about the objects around. But sometimes, especially if your kid has received a lot of visitors and attention, she may become over stimulated and start crying.

If this happens, take your baby somewhere calm and help her to relax. Make her feel secure again from passing from hand to hand.

Also, you can try swaddling her, which can be a huge help in this situation.

Final Thoughts

These are top 10 reasons why babies cry. While there might be a lot of other reasons which can cause a baby crying, these are the most common ones.

If you still haven’t found a specific reason why your baby cries, then I recommend you to talk to your pediatrician, so he can better diagnose the cause of crying.

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