What You Should Know About Baby Dreams

Do babies dream? While parents watching their calmly sleeping kid, they notice that their little kid randomly grin hence ask such funny question. Baby sometimes, smile while at sleep but what is he smiling about anyway? Is he perhaps having a terrible nightmare?

These questions sound funny yet parents often wonder if dreaming, which is commonly happening on adults, also occur in babies. If so, what kid dreaming about as he sleeps might come to mind next. Babies dream have been on mind to parents over the years. But of course, you can’t ask infants about it. The truth is somewhat secreted still. Yet as you see your baby’s eyelids flutter and his lips smiling, he works as if he engaged in an active dream.

Babies encounter a lot of happenings and absorb a lot of information each day that passes. So, it’s easy to wonder what goes on babies brains at this stage.

Baby’s Wonders on the Mind

Until a kid starts talking, parents have no idea the story behind those dream-engaging actions. It takes years even for children to understand better the world around them and put it into words, the same way when it comes to the world of dreams. However, when it comes to the sleeping cycle of adults, children, and newborns, it seems that babies are more active in dreamland during their first two weeks of life.

This is the reason why half of the babies sleep time is spent with rapid eye movement or REM. As they grow, REM movement shortens. The theory that new babies dream more than the rest of people is due to that REM stage. REM stage is the one associated with dreaming. The study shows that if adults spend approximately 20% of their sleep in REM, new babies spend up to 50% in it. During REM, adults can wake up easily. This also happen in babies so make sure that a hungry kid gets fed and checked regularly to help reduce the risk of SIDS.

What Do Babies Dream About?

Since babies really dream, what do they dream? Well, bear in mind that infants don’t speak as you do yet. The wonders and adventures on their mind are well-set there; babies are not capable of putting them into words. You can’t ask them unless they learn to communicate. When an adult is dreaming, no one has an idea what’s that dream all about until it was shared. Babies are no different.

Baby Dream Meaning

In fact, scientists can observe the movement of their eye but they can’t go further than that. However, we can guess. Fun guessing about such babies dream is that they are lying around pooping their pants and searching for giant nipples to suck on. Well, no one knows what’s right. Nobody even knows for sure. Though dream researchers are trying to dig out that fact but babies are not quite up to the task.

Thinking that babies are having nightmares is just something a product of too much fear. Remember, babies do not grasp the meaning of fear yet.


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