What Is the Right Temperature for your Baby’s Room

Being a parent is a wonderful experience. You have to take care of your little one and make sure that everything is fine.

You have to take care of everything, starting with the food, clothing, gears, environment etc. because your baby can’t talk and the only way they communicate with you is by crying.

One of the main concerns of new parents about their kid is if they are overheated or actually have a cold.
It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, a safe room temperature for your kid is always recommended. Actually, in every season, the temperature of room remains pretty much the same.

But, what is the recommended temperature for babies room? You can find the answer to this question and more others down below.

Recommended Temperature for Baby’s Room

It is important to make sure that the room temperature is on the right track because if the temperature gets too hot, even if you use a fan to cool down or take off layers, your kid can’t manage temperature changes so easily.
Jennifer Ward says that the recommended temperature for babies room should be anywhere between 16oC and 20oC, but around 18oC is the ideal temperature.

A lot of parents find these temperatures cooler than they would expect but don’t worry if they seem to low.
It is recommended to keep the room temperature constant. To do this, you can use a room thermometer to see the exact room temperature and keep an eye on it or use a camera monitor with Temperature Sensor, such as Withings Home Bundle or iBaby M6T .

If you are thinking to keep the air cooling device running during the night, then it is not recommended because it can dry the air which can lead to coughing.

What to do if the temperature is too warm?

If the room temperature becomes too hot, then It is recommended to open some windows to allow a breeze to flow through and cool down the room. Make sure that your kid is not in direct sunlight, especially during the summer.

Also, choose lightweight clothing so you can add more or take any away depending on the temperature.
You can check his or her chest and inside her clothes, so you can know if she is getting too warm, so you can adjust the temperature.

What to do if the temperature is too cool?

In winter, you can use several blankets and clothes to give you more options. You can add or remove blankets or layers depending on the temperature and how your kid feels.

Also, if you put your kid to sleep in a sleeping bad then you can add an extra vest if you think it is too cool.

There is no correct amount of layers to use because it depends on material or on the room temperature.

These are the answer for the recommended temperature for your baby’s room.

Constantly, keep checking the room temperature using a thermometer or a camera monitor with temperature sensor, so you can know if it is too cool or too warm and then adjust the room’s temperature depending on the measures.

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