Useful Tips for Baby Teething

Teething is the process by which an baby’s teeth usually erupt or break through the gums. It is also referred as “cutting” of the teeth. Babies start teething when they are about 4 and 10 months old, with the 6 months of age being the most common age when the first teeth usually erupts.

Each baby goes through a unique experience and it is a process that cannot be avoided. You, as a parent, cannot do much but there are a few things you can try to help your little one with this process. Here are some useful tips for baby teething:

Certain Teeth Appear at Certain Times

Generally, babies cut their two middle bottom teeth first. After them, the upper middle two teeth go through, usually around 8 and 12 months. At around 9 to 13 months of age, you will see the upper teeth to the right and left of center also called upper lateral incisors. After the upper lateral incisors, the lower lateral incisors start cutting through around 10 to 16 months old.

After the first 8 teeth, the upper and lower molars start to cut through at around 13 to 19 months. Then, the upper and lower canines start to erupt at 16 to 22 months and then the upper and lower second molars at around 33 months. By the age of 3 years old, most kids have a full set of 20 baby’s teeth.

It is important to know that the order is not the same for all the children. There are some babies that are born with a full set of choppers while some others cut teeth close to around their first year birthday.

You can check this chart to better know and find out which teeth are pushing through at a certain time.

Purchase an Anesthetic Cream

When the eruption pain begins, you can’t do much. The only way to make this pain easier for your kid is by using an Anesthetic Cream. You can rub it on the gums and it stops the eruption pain instantly.

There are many anesthetic cream brands out there and all of them contain natural ingredients, so don’t buy a very expensive one.

Boost Their Immune System

One natural teething remedy you can try on your baby is by boosting their immune system. By doing so, they won’t feel much pain when their teeth are cutting through.

There are many ways to boost a baby’s immune system but the most important ones are breastfeeding and by giving vitamin D. By continuing breastfeeding, you give baby antibodies to help build their immune system. When it comes to vitamin D, most of the babies are vitamin D deficient because of too little time on the direct sunlight. To get the lower levels of vitamin D back to normal, you can give him a few drops of liquid drops.

Buy a Teether

Teethers are very popular and very useful for babies. There are different types available but the most popular are Teething necklaces and Teething Toys. The teething necklaces are becoming very popular lately because they are cheap, very useful and babies can carry on their neck all the time.

The teething toys design help the teeth cut through and allow your kid to focus more on massaging their gums.

You have to try different kinds of teething toys because not all the babies like the same type. Some babies love ribbed textures while others prefer smooth and squishy ones.

Babies Feel Teething Pain More at Night

Researchers have shown that your baby is more likely to wake up at night crying because of their teething process. So, during the teething period, your sleeping schedule and your kids sleeping may be interrupted for a few nights until the tooth completely pushes through.

Also, you can easily distract babies during the day with playing toys and that’s the reason why they are less likely to feel the pain during daytime.

Begin to Brush

As soon as you notice a tooth eruption, begin to brush it twice a day. Brushing it will preserve the health of the tooth and it will help stimulate the gums to encourage more to erupt.

Also, this is a good method because your baby has less pain during the teething process and he/she get used to the feeling of a toothbrush, which is a good and healthy habit for your boy.

Give him Something Cold

Actually, this is one of the oldest baby teething tricks. By using a cold object which your baby can chew will help

baby’s aching gums a lot. The cold helps numb the area and the pressure acts as soother for inflamed gums. Just find a safe object which you can freeze and then give to your baby. You can use frozen washcloths, frozen fruits or vegetables, a frozen/cold spoon, natural solid wood baby toys etc.

Drool doesn’t Always Mean a Tooth is Ready to Erupt

There are some cases a baby will drool for weeks before a tooth erupts. You can’t stop this but you can place a bib over the top of your tot’s tops to ward off moisture which will help your baby feel fresh and comfortable.

Never Go to Bed with a Bottle

After the teeth erupt, you should give your kid their last bottle of milk or juice an hour before bedtime. Also, you should wipe off their hums with a cold rag or brush their teeth to remove any liquid left behind.

If he goes to bed with juice or milk on their teeth, the sugar from the beverage can cause bottle rot. This is a very common epidemic among babies which you can prevented.

These are some useful tips for teething. I know that there are a lot of other tips and remedies you can try and are very useful, but I only included what I think are the most important ones. I hope these tips will help you and your baby to go through this process easily and without pain.

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