Top 15 Names for Your Newborn Boy

Naming your child is a big event in your life. So, you have to carefully choose it as it stays with him forever.

So, I will show you Top 15 Names for your Newborn Boy.

1. Hugo

Spanish names have become a trend since a lot of popular celebrities around the world are from Spanish speaking countries. This name is not popular in Spanish speaking countries but also in the USA. “Hugo” name means “intelligent”.

2. Ronan

Irish boy names are cool and are used a lot by parents. Most of these names show up on the popular boy names lists. Ronan is one of the most favorite Irish boy names and it means “little seal”.

3. Marco

Marco is a German name and not like most of the German Names, which have twisted spelling, it is easy to spell. It has an exotic robust sound and it means “warring”.

4. Pierre

Pierre is a very nice unique French name. Pierre is a version of Peter and means “rock”.

5. Giovanni

Giovanni is an Italian Name with full of meaning and culture. Giovanni is the Italian name for John and means “God is gracious”.

6. Noah

Noah is a biblical character, very popular and is from Israel. This name has been in the top 10 names list for eight years. The movie on 2014 about Noah also helped this name move to the top spot.

7. Aarav

Aarav name means “peaceful” and “wisdom” and has been one of the most famous and popular boy name in India for about 5 years in a row. Again, the popularity of this name has been growing since two famous Bollywood actors chose it for their son. This name has been on the top 20 boy names for several years and it is not popular just in India but has gained a spot on Top boys name in the UK too.

8. Mason

Mason is an American name of the new generation. It is very easy to spell and has a strong feel to it. It got popular when some famous celebrities in America named their sons Mason. The meaning of this name is “stone worker”.

9. Liam

Liam is a trendier version of the name William. It comes from Irish and is very popular there.

10. Andrew

Andrew has a timeless style and a universal appeal. It means manly, courageous and strong.

11. Jacob

Jacob is a solid choice for your newborn boy. It has religious roots and comes from Israel. It works well for people of different faiths, because of its strong consonant.

12. Cooper

Cooper comes from the English surname and means “barrel maker”. Again, several celebrities have this name, which makes it even more popular.

13. Jack

Jack is a Hebrew name. It has been on the popular boy names from the year 1995 to 2008.

14. Thomas

Thomas is a popular Greek name and it is the Greek form of Aramaic name Teoma. which means “twin”.

15. Muhammad

Muhammad is a very popular name among Arabians. It means “appraiser of God” or “praised”. It has been on top of popular names not just in Arabic country but also in other countries.

These are some of the most popular boy names.

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