Tips for Decorating Your Baby Shower

It is kind of a tradition for parents around the world to host a baby shower event, especially when they become a mother for the first time.

If you are hosting this event, then you may be looking for some tips and tricks for hosting the perfect party.

So, in this article, I am going to show you some Tips for Decorating Your Baby Shower Event and build a great party atmosphere.

The most important part of a baby shower event are the decorations. Decorations are favored elements because they build a perfect party mood and atmosphere. And, everyone can play with them, creating a customizing atmosphere based on their preferences.

The first thing you have to do before hosting a shower is to choose a theme. If you choose a preferred theme, a lot of decoration ideas will pop up on your mind.

Also, it is recommended to only focus on a couple of areas to decorate, unless you are planning to host a big and extravagant shower party.

You can use a wreath, flowers, and balloons or anything theme related at the front door, which will give the guests a warm welcome before you even say “Hello”

The main feature of the room should be a nice dessert table or food buffet. You can enhance party atmosphere by using decorations on different places, such as the ceiling, tabletop and floor level for displays.

You can choose to string banners and garland which give a great effect to the room. You can coordinate colors to give the room a warm atmosphere.

Another great tip is to use food as decor. For example, if hot air balloon is the theme, you can combine them with popcorn’s on the menu by using containers, decorative paper bags, cups or cones etc. and call them Popcorn Clouds.

Another example is the water bottles dress for the party with a colorful straw and some decorative sleeves.

Down below you can find some shower theme specifics to widen up your imagination:

  • Hot Air Balloon: Old maps, balloons tied to baskets, clouds(create them with paper or print pictures), sky blue color are some basics with this theme.
  • Tea Party: Pretty teacups, flowers, lace, cloth napkins and lovely colors are the basics with this theme.
  • Vintage Toys: You can use dolls, teddy bears, toy wagons combined with flowers, chalkboard accents and classic books for children.
  •  Romantic Lullaby: Use glittery stars, lights and the moon with soft moonlight colors.
  • Nautical: Use icons related to water such as anchors, ships, captain’s wheel, telescope, fishnets etc. You can use a message corked in a bottle as a decoration to make the atmosphere more interesting.
  • Bun in the Oven: This is kind of retro theme. Gingham checks, retro designed dishes, miniature favor box ovens for cupcakes give the room a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Woodland Glam: Black and White with green accents carries this idea with moss, real deer shed, and birch bark.

These are some Tips for Decorating Your Baby Shower Party. I hope you got some interesting ideas to put in work after reading this article.

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