The Reason Why Your Baby Moves At Night When You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant and are expecting your first child, then every time you feel your baby’s movements inside, you have a huge excitement feeling. The American Pregnancy Association says that a pregnant woman, by her eighth month might observe a specific pattern in her kid’s behavior and choices. They say that every kid inside movement is supposed to be a good one depending of what time of the day it occurs.

Also, they say that every kid turns out to be different while he/she is in the womb than after it enters the world.

At the seventh month or later, the specialists suggest that your baby is sleeping almost all day. They say that he dozes off for about 95% of the times, while he/she would still move at a rate of about 50 times per hour. The movement pattern might vary from day to day but they become more predictable as you approach the giving birth date.

As suggested by the American Pregnancy Association, some babies are more active during the day compared to others. Also, the movement rate also changes between the day time and night time. Some movements can not be felt while you are steady or if you are in an early stage of pregnancy. Also, the little movements such are hiccup might not be felt even if you are approaching the giving birth date. You only feel the most vigorous movements or when he kicks forcefully.

One of the most common reasons why your kid is more active during the night is that they don’t feel any activity or movement from you. During the day, you move around and may rock him into a sleepy mode with your movement. When you sleep, your activity stops and the baby may start wondering why it stops and starts moving.

Also, your baby by the seventh and eighth month of gestation start to show preferences and recognize your voice. He/she starts getting used to your voice and when he/she hears a new voice in the surrounding, it might cause him/her to move and become active.

Another reason why your kid moves inside bay be from the foods you eat. They may taste a strong flavor of foods and they begin to move.

So, your kid may move a lot, especially at night. If he/she is moving a lot, you should sit down for a while, especially during the midday. It is important to continue with your daily activities and only notice the distractions which cause the big movements. Also, if your kid is quiet and doesn’t move, don’t worry. He/she may be developing the sleeping pattern.

But, if you notice anything alarming or strange, you should contact your doctor and tell him the problem, so he can suggest you what to do.

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