How to Keep Your WiFi Baby Monitor Safe From Hackers

How to Keep Your WiFi Baby Monitor Safe From Hackers

The development of technology has brought a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Using technology, we can be closer to our relatives, communicate with them or see them when we are away.

We can do all this thing even with our little baby, using a WiFi Baby Monitor. There are a lot of reasons to buy a WiFi Baby Monitor, but one of the main concerns of parents is if their baby is secure and no one can access the live feed expect for them.

There have been a lot of news lately, reporting video baby monitors hacked and the footage broadcast for the public, but I am going to explain in this article How to Keep Your WiFi Baby Monitor Safe From Hackers.

How to Protect Your Baby from Hackers

Although there is so much noise around about hacked baby monitors, the truth is that these hacking events are rare.

Hackers love to take advantage of a weak home network and access the live feed just to have fun but they don’t know what they cause to the baby or the family.

The truth is that all these breeches of security used to happen a lot on specific baby monitor models but with the reports and companies trying to maintain their reputation, nowadays, most of the WiFi Baby Monitors are secured and hard to access by third parties.

With these new models, a lot of new features are available with a higher security and a better design.

But, how can a hacker access your camera? You can find the answer down below.

How Are Baby Monitors Hacked ?

The first reason why a lot of hackers used to hack without difficulties some baby monitors is because these models didn’t ask you to set up a password after you install them. This means they either haven’t a password protection system or is using the default password.

With a default password, known by everyone, an amateur hacker can easily access the live feed.

High-End WiFi Baby Monitors, such as iBaby M6 HD, make you change the password of the system as soon as you finish installing it.

How To Prevent Hackers From Accessing Your Baby Monitor?

The first advice everyone gives you if you want a hacker-free baby monitor is to choose carefully the model when you purchase it.

Read WiFi Baby Monitor Reviews and look which model offers password protected system.

Also, the more expensive models seem more secure and harder to be accessed. So, spending a few extra dollars will keep your mind quiet.

Another way to secure your baby monitor is by creating a hard-to-guess password after you set up. Always change the default password and set a stronger one with numbers and symbols included.

Also, always make sure that your wireless modem, which is used to transmit data and video between you and the monitor, is secure, with a strong password and with the latest updates installed.

These are some tips to help you keep your WiFi Baby Monitor safe from hackers.

WiFi Baby Monitors are more secure than the traditional Video Baby Monitors because they use your WiFi Modem as a funnel, which is harder to be hacked than the frequency of a traditional monitor.

So, even they are a bit more expensive, it is recommended to choose and buy the Best WiFi Baby Monitor instead a traditional monitor. You will spend some extra dollars but you will be secured and watch your baby using your phone instead of a cheap, bad looking pad.