Diapering Tips for Your Baby

Probably, two the most used and consumed products by babies are food and diapers. You have to change a lot of diapers and you will become a diaper-changing master from experience.

Changing diapers seems just a basic thing but there are some very useful tips worth sharing.

So, in this article, I am going to show you how to change diapers and a few other diapers tips for your baby.

Diaper Changing Tips and More

Changing a diaper should be a very easy to do process. You just take off the old one, wipe clean your kid and put on the new one.

But, things don’t go always according to plan. This process can be complicated by a lot of things: a squirming baby, a major poopy, blowouts, getting peed on, running out of wipes, diapers etc.

Down below you can find some basic diapering tips to make everything go smooth:

Choose Location

It is recommended for you to choose a good diapering change location. It doesn’t matter if you decide to change the diaper on the changing table or on the floor. Just pick a place where you and your baby feel comfortable.

It is recommended that the diaper change process happens almost always at the same place. Try to convert a small spot of your house to a changing station where you have all your items and most importantly, a sink, near you. Try to pick a place where there are a lot of people. You cannot change diaper in the kitchen where your family are preparing or eating food.

Always Keep Stock Supplies

Diaper Tips for Your KidYou should always have plenty of clean diapers, wipes and everything you need. Keep an eye to restock when you run out of them because running out if diapers during a change, it is not a good experience.

Place a New Diaper under the old One

The newborn’s diapers are usually fairly liquid. For this reason, you should always place a new diaper under the old one to catch anything that could ooze out.

Flanges Out

The number one mistake that leads to leaks or blowouts had to do with the flanges. Flanges are the plastic ruffles along the edge of the diaper. These should face out, not tucked in against the skin.

Size Matters

You have to put in the correct size diaper, but if you are not sure which one, then go with the smaller diaper. A big diaper will have gaps around your kid’s legs and only a small diaper will keep everything covered.

Wipe Carefully

It is recommended for you to wipe carefully any leftover from the old diaper. Doing so, especially if you have a girl, will prevent infections. This is not a major issue with boys but still, you should put a cloth over his penis to prevent any unexpected urine spray during the change process.

Roll Up the Old Diaper

You should roll up the old diaper carefully. I know it is not easy, especially if you have your child kicking and moving everywhere. If you act quick and carefully, you can roll up the diaper, reseal the adhesive tabs and end up with a ball without any germs on the outside.

Use Distractions

It really depends on your child character but still the diaper change can be a struggle for most of parents. With your kid try to wrestle you, the old diaper is more likely to spread a few germs.

In order to prevent this, you can try distractions. Keep him a couple of toys on the changing table that will draw his attention. You will end up with a few valuable and quiet seconds which will be enough for a diaper change. Don’t forget to clean and wash the toys after you finish.

Clean Your Hands

You should wash your hands before and after the diaper changing process. If you don’t have a sink near your changing station, you can buy some alcohol cleaning gel, which will do the job pretty good. Also, be careful to keep it out of your kid’s reach.

Also, you should clean your kid’s hands too. Whether or not he has touched anything, it is still a good idea to wash his hands once you are done.

How To Avoid Getting Peed On

If you get peed on while changing diapers then you have to start again from the beginning. Waste a lot of wipes, get a new diaper and change the clothes.

There are three possible ways to avoid getting peed on:

  1. Minimize exposure time – This means that the longer your kid’s parts are exposed to cool air, the higher the chance to get peed on. So, have the new diaper ready, move quickly and change it as fast as you can.
  2. Warm your Wipes – Another possible way to avoid getting peed on is by using warm wipes. You can use wipes warmer machine or just warm them up using your hands for a couple of seconds. This will reduce drastically his urge to pee.
  3. Get Ready to Block – If your baby is a boy than treat the diaper like a shield. Be ready to block it if your kid decides to pee on you.

Buy Diapers in Bulk

As I mentioned before, diapers are going to be one of your biggest expenses over time and you can’t avoid this. The only thing you can do is saving a lot of money by buying them in bulk. There are some pretty good deals at Amazon.com on which you save money and they also offer a free shipping option.

Another tip which saves you a lot of money is the Subscribe & Save feature on Amazon.com which schedules diapers to be shipped to you at regular intervals and you can cancel it anytime.

This is great because you don’t have to load big boxes into carts or trunks but just receive them directly on your doorstep.

These are some of the diapering tips for your baby. I hope you liked it. Feel free to share it on Social Media with your friends.

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