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Features to Consider When Buying a WiFi Baby Monitor

Without any doubt, wireless baby cameras are a very important gadget for every parent, who want to be sure that their precious kid is safe and comfortable. Each device brand and model has its own advantages and disadvantages, which come with various features, capabilities and price tags. You may be a little confused which model you should get for your […]

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WiFi Baby Monitor Buying Guide

The old days, when you had to be in your baby’s room all the time to check if he/she is crying or sleeping are gone. This was a very annoying thing, especially if you are watching TV and you accidentally wake him/her up with the door opening or floorboard creak. But, with the development of technology, we […]

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What You Should Know About Baby Dreams

Do babies dream? While parents watching their calmly sleeping kid, they notice that their little kid randomly grin hence ask such funny question. Baby sometimes, smile while at sleep but what is he smiling about anyway? Is he perhaps having a terrible nightmare? These questions sound funny yet parents often wonder if dreaming, which is commonly […]

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How to Teach Your Baby Self Soothe

Babies usually learn to self-soothe when they are about 4-6 months old. But, there are some situations when babies get used to being fed or rocked to sleep and don’t learn to self-soothe. Self-soothing is a very important skill your kid should learn because that not only helps him fall asleep but also help them to […]

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How to Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Baby Monitor

After you become a parent, taking care of your baby becomes your number one priority. You are always thinking if your kid is comfortable, is he/she sleeping, is he/she feeling well, etc. You have to take care of everything, including your personal work and occasions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to manage all the work and the […]

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