Benefits of Organic Baby Food

Our children are one of the most important things in our life. We all want to give him/her what is the best and a good part of their healthy depends on food. Being on our surveillance, often they eat what we decide and what we think is the best for them. I personally spend a lot of time researching and I won’t mind if I spend a bit more for the health of my children.

When it comes to baby food, toxic pesticides found on different type of foods can have a huge impact on the health of your baby. Living in a world with such a big population, we cannot completely ban the usage of pesticides. What we can do is that by feeding our baby organic food, we reduce the exposure of them dramatically.

Babies bodies are not fully developed yet and their immune system is a bit weaker and not as effectively as an adult immune system when it comes to toxic pesticides. That’s why I prefer to use only organic food for my baby.

Why Choose Organic Baby Food

The reason why I choose organic food to feed my baby is because even the highest quality food on markets today have some chemicals inside. That’s because farmers use a lot of chemicals when they grow the product to cover all the market demand for that product. Different Studies show that the food chemicals can be harmful to our health.

To better understand that why organic food is always better than the normal baby food, I have decided to include a few benefits of choosing the organic foods:

1. Animals are treated with a lot of antibiotics and hormones by farmers. These chemicals make their way to the milk and milk products which may have a bad impact on your children.

2. A recent research conducted that the organic milk has more antioxidants, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids than non-Organic Milk. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in protecting your heart from disease and improving children’s brain development.

3. Organic cheese has 2x nutrients compared to normal cheese. Also, studies show that organic wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions have 30% more nutrients.

Also, a lot of people think that organic food tastes better than the normal food. The only reason for this belief is that the organic ones are produced using organic means of production. Also, it may be because the organic food is often sold only locally. By selling it locally, it result in more fresh production, which tastes better than frozen/shipped food across the countries.

4. Farmed fruits and vegetables often have pesticide residues. While there are agencies who monitor its levels, studies have shown that they are harmful to human body, especially to babies, who are more vulnerable to pesticides.

5. Several studies have shown that babies who eat conventional food had a significant amount of pesticides in their system. Once they switched to an organic diet, those levels quickly decreased.

6. Another benefit of organic food is that children born from women with high level of pesticides in their body have lower IQs than other children. Also, children born to women exposed to pesticides in agricultural fields have lower IQs.

7. In recent years, one of the biggest projects for food growers has been the genetic modification. They use different pesticides to make vegetables about five to six times larger than the organic vegetables. While it may sound good for solving the world demand for vegetables, the genetic modification is still in its early stages and the long-term effects on the human health are not completely understand. On animals, it showed a major reduction in the immune system strength, certain sexual dysfunctions, cancers, sensitivity to allergens etc. Although there might be a few advantages of using the genetically modified products, still the unknown long-term effects make you skip them.

8. According to some researchers, you can reduce your pesticide exposure by 90% by shifting organic apples, organic grapes and juices, organic potatoes, organic spinach, organic baby food and a few other vegetables and fruits.

9. A lot of parents prefer organic because it is eco-friendly. Pesticides used by farmers harm the environment in many ways and impact negatively to the biodiversity. They don’t pollute the air and water, making a safer and healthier world for future generation.

10. Many scientists believe that baby food gets more controls than non-organic and comes in much better quality.

11. Specialists suggest that the organic food can have an impact on your heart health. Since organic food is not prepared using different chemicals and pesticides, the increased amount of time grazing on grass also can increase the amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that is found in the animal products. CLA, which is a very useful healthy fatty acid for your heart, can boost the heart’s cardiovascular protection. You can mostly find it in large quantities in breast milk and in meat by animals who raise free range or cage-free.

12. Another benefit of supporting the organic food market is the animal welfare. People often feel happy when animals are not confined to a small caged life and eating organic animal products support this animal lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the immune system of a baby is weaker than an adult’s system. They are still growing and their immune system is still developing, which makes it vulnerable to pesticides and other chemicals.

To prevent a harmful long-term impact, try to use organic baby food. While your baby is growing, they eat much more on a weight basis than an adult and anything bad in their food has a greater impact on them compared with adults. So, try to use organic as often as possible. Although it is a bit more expensive than the normal food, It still has a lot of benefits on your baby’s body and development and also it has a huge impact on our environment.

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