8 Ways to Play With Your Little Baby (0-3 Months)

With our life being so chaotic, we sometimes forget to take care of our loved ones. Our children are one of the most important parts of our life. We are responsible for what they do and their health is based on our decisions.

As our children grow up, they start to change. Every stage of their life has its advantages and disadvantages. But, a lot of researchers show that you have to begin teaching your kid different social, physical and interacting abilities as early as 2-3 months.

The only way to teach your little baby these abilities at this age is by playing and interacting with him. Playing with your kid is crucial because it affects his physical, emotional and mental development. Babies are born to learn from our sensitive loving care, which means that you are his teacher in life.

But, how you can play with your baby? A lot of parents don’t know how to interact with their kid, especially when they are babies or just born. In fact, you can start playing with your child when he is still in utero, even though the experience and abilities he will get from this are close to zero.

Why Playing with your Kid is Important?

Playing with your kid is a crucial part of your child’s social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth. By playing, you teach your child about the world around him, objects which surround him, his body, emotions etc. Different games learn him to use all his five senses, especially while playing during the first year.

He starts to learn what is like to touch a specific object, what is like to squeeze it, what sound does an object do, what happens if he pulls or pushes something etc.

While you may choose to play different games with your child, still exploration is the heart of almost every little kid play. They are still developing and learning so much every day, so in your kid’s mind every move you do counts. Some development experts consider playing as work for children. They gain experience by playing different games.

As your children start to grow up, his play will become more complex and imagination will start to kick in. He will begin to exercise key skills, such as curiosity, creativity, problem solving etc.

Also, different games play an important role to learn him to explore his feeling, values and develop various social skills by interacting with his dolls or you.

But, what can you play with your child? As I mentioned before, different stages of child development require different games to play with. In this article, I will show you a few game examples for you to play with your 0-3 months baby.

What to Play With Your 0-3 Months Babies

When your baby is between 0-3 months age, you cannot interact much with him. He just stays there sitting and crying. The best way to play with him are by activating his already developed senses: touch, nearsight, hearing and smell. Down below, you can find 8 common and recommended ways to play with your little one when he is 0-3 months old.

Face to Face – Babies love face time and they respond more favorably to happy faces. So, try to engage with him by looking in his eyes, smiling or making silly, funny faces. They will love that. Also, remember that newborns only see a few inches away because only his nearsight sense is developed, so you need to get close to him in order for him to react to you.

Peek-a-Boo –  This game is probably the most popular way to interact and play with a kid. Babies love it and you have to practice because you may use it for a long time.

Just cover your face with your hands or use a light, fresh sheet to cover his face and say “Peek-a-Boo” while you show your face or remove the sheet from his face. At the beginning, he may not react much but while he grows a bit and get used to this game, you will notice that he will become more responsive to your game and will eventually laugh.

Music Time – We love music, so do babies. Music is soothing to them and may even impact their mental development. You can play all types of music for your little one or you can sing and dance too, they will love it. Just make sure to not play songs with high volume because it can actually damage their hearing senses. There are plenty of baby playlists on Spotify or YouTube which will do the job.

Playing with Your Newborn

Reading – It is never to early to start reading something to your kid. Reading to your baby improve their language development. Pick something to read which have a lot of emotions on it, so you can express them to your baby.

Reach Out & Touch Something – Many gears come with hanging toys of some sort and that’s for a good reason. Reaching out will help babies develop hand-eye coordination. Use these toys to play with your kid. Talk to them and try to interact with them. Ask him questions about color or shape. Eventually, they will start to learn and interact with you.

Rattle Socks – This may sound a bit silly, but some doctors recommend this. Put socks with rattles on your baby and let him kick away.

Sensory Play – Use sensory play to help your baby learn. This game will evolve as your little one gets older but even with a newborn, you can engage in making him touching and feeling the place around.

Balloon Kick – This game is suitable for babies who are 1 month or older. Tie balloons to your baby’s ankles and allow him to kick and watch the balloon move.

Final Thoughts

These are 8 ways to play with your little baby (0-3 Months). There are a lot of other plays you can find online and try with your kid. Just make sure to stay close to your child while he plays because he can hurt himself when playing specific games. Also, don’t give him small objects to play with because he can put them in his mouth. Just give these plays a try and let me know what do you think.

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