5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Baby Food

Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world, but there are a lot of responsibilities. Your decisions are very important because his health depends on them. You have to decide and choose everything for him/her. Starting from his/her clothes, toys, gears, food etc. With so many things to take care of, parenting becomes one of the greatest responsibility an adult can have.

Being responsible even for the food your baby eats, makes you feel a bit worried if the products that you choose are the best possible option for your kid.

So, in this article, I decided to show you 5 reasons why I think you should make your own baby food.

5 Advantages of Making Food at Home

With such a enormous demand for food and products in the world, often companies and farmers start using stimulants and food pesticides to speed up the growing process. While this may have a lot of advantages, still the long-term impact of these pesticides are unknown.

If you don’t like buying prepared food, then you have the option to prepare by yourself or use organic food. If you still have a few doubts if you should do your own food and convert to organic ingredients, then down below, you can find 5 advantages why you should do it now.

1. You Control and know what is in it

Although all the jars and pouches on the market display all the ingredients, still some of them have some scary name ingredients which you may not really know what they are or what long-term impact they have on your kid. They have different kind of acids and other ingredients which you have to do a deep research to find out if they are dangerous for your kid or not. Although most of these products are controlled by their relevant authorities, still the chemicals can be present because the primary food product goes through a long and complicated process.

By preparing and choosing the ingredients by yourself, you also control how much salt goes into it. Almost all the amount of salt that a baby consumes comes from processed foods such as crackers, cookies, breads, frozen meals etc. Salty food are not recommended for babies because salt will stress a baby’s kidney, which is not full developed yet. This doesn’t mean that all salt is bad. By making the food by yourself, you can only use the recommended unrefined salt, which doesn’t harm your kid.

Also, you can choose to use only fresh, seasonal food products which will make the final processed product to taste much better than the commercial food. By tasting better, your kid will like it more and you won’t have any problems to make your baby eat enough food.

So, the first benefit of doing the food on your own, you know exactly what ingredients to put in it and have the total control of what your baby eats.

2. Save Money

The second advantage of making your own food is to save money. Who doesn’t like to save money? Making the food on your own saves you a lot of money.

It may seem inexpensive to you, but you get very little product for how much you are paying, especially with well-known and organic brands. On average, a jar of food can cost $2-$3, so eating two jars per meal, three times a day, means you spend $12 every day. If you make it on your own, it can be a lot cheaper than that.

3. Planning Ahead

Another benefit of making your own food is because you can save a lot of time. Me personally, have found it easier to prepare lots of different purees on my day off, so I can use them for the week ahead. After you prepare them, you can decide to freeze, which will make the process easier.

4. Baby Food is easy to make

Even if you are not the greatest cooker, you can still can prepare a lovely meal for your little one. That’s because making baby food is very easy. Most of the food is made of fruits, vegetables and other easy to cook ingredients, so you won’t have any problem preparing it. You simply purchase the right ingredients and use a blender or any other machine to prepare it, depending on the recipe.

5. Developing Healthy Eating Habits

We are what we eat, so eating healthy is very important. Your baby learn the habits that you teach him. So, if you want to develop a healthy eating habit on your kid, you can decide to start it early. By starting early, you will not have any problem to convince your 6 year-old kid to eat a specific food.

If you teach your kid to eat vegetables and fruits since he/she is a little kid, then they will get used to it and won’t have any problem eating them later in life, which means they will develop a healthy eating habit.


This may not be the biggest advantage of preparing your own baby’s food but still for a few parents can play an important role. You can choose to prepare the food by yourself because of personal satisfaction. A lot of parents enjoy cooking and making new recipes can be a lot of fun. Your can practice your cooking hobby and make a healthy meal for your lovely baby at the same time.

Also, a lot of parents seem like their baby enjoy more their food when they have prepared it by themselves.

Final Thoughts

While there are a lot of advantages of preparing your own baby food, still there are a few small disadvantages. Time is one of them. While you can plan the food for weeks ahead, still if you don’t have a day off to prepare all the small servings, it will be much easier for you to just pick a quick prepackaged serving. Convenience and storage are two another disadvantages because prepackaged food comes in measured amounts and ready to serve, while your homemade food will require some space and it will not be exactly measured proportions.

These are 5 reasons why you should make your own baby food. I included only what I think are the most important ones.

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