Best WiFi Baby Monitor Reviews 2016 & 2017


magine how productive and calm you would be if you would know exactly what your lovely baby is doing when you are at work or abroad.

The explosion of modern technology in recent years has brought with it a myriad of new and effective ways to monitor your little ones, no matter the circumstance. New systems incorporate a wide range of technologies, like WiFi, video, audio etc. to ensure you have the most thorough safety net possible for your children. When it comes to buying a Baby Monitor, sometimes It can be difficult to decide on the best WiFi baby monitor, but we've condensed several of the most premium options below for your convenience.


WiFi baby monitors are a direct link between you and your child. They're great for parents who wish for a more well-rounded approach compared to older radio-based baby monitors. Those outdated devices are less reliable, and they have a much more limited range than even the most basic WiFi monitors. State-of-the-art baby monitors take advantage of a comprehensive approach to surveillance that covers more than the simple audio coming from your baby's nursery. Modern systems put the parents right in the room with their child, regardless of whether they're just down the hall or out of the house. WiFi Baby Monitors provide peace of mind, especially for those parents who are wary of leaving their child with a babysitter. Proper surveillance systems allow you to be sure you can trust anyone you let into your home to care for your child. The utmost goal of the best WiFi baby monitor is to protect your child from harm.

So, to help you finding the Best WiFi Baby Monitor on the market, I have created this article with top 10 most sold and top rated baby monitoring products .

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WiFi Baby Monitors Quick Comparison Table

Top 10 Best WiFi Baby Monitors 2016 & 2017

Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones and Tablets

Price: $

Editor's Rating: 4


his simple camera monitor is easy to install, use, and troubleshoot. It connects to your WiFi network seamlessly in only a few short minutes, and it can be controlled from any tablet or smartphone. You have to download and install the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and you are ready to go.

The camera has a night vision mode for 24/7 utility, and it has the ability to send alerts when motion or audio is detected in your baby's room. You can view the streaming content from the camera anywhere. All you need is a device with access to WiFi, 3G, or 4G network. Also, you can incorporate password protection into the app for additional safety. Alerts can be customized for your peace of mind, so you don't have to constantly watch the footage to rest easy.

This monitor also includes Pan and Tilt functions, giving the user a complete view of the surrounding area. The camera includes a power adapter, antenna, and mounting fixtures for the walls or ceiling. Troubleshooting is also a breeze thanks to the SnugTogether website.

The 4.2 star rating makes this monitor one of the Best WiFi Baby Monitor available for sale, with a great combination of features, easy-to-use interface and an affordable price for everyone.

Motorola MBP85CONNECT WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Price: $$

Editor's Rating: 3.5


his Motorola baby monitor is able to provide you with up to date information regarding the well-being of your child. The camera can be controlled with the free Hubble app on iOS and Android devices. With this monitor and its app, users can see information about any motion, temperature, and sound changes in their baby's nursery from anywhere in the world.

The camera has the ability to record video clips and take snapshots of your child anywhere, anytime. This 720p HD video monitor provides zoom, tilt, and pan features for the clearest view possible. Also, it includes a two-way communication system that allows you to speak to your child even when you aren't at home.

You can set the Hubble app to notify you when certain events occur, and the app works on any wireless network. An infrared mode allows you to track any temperature changes to your child's environment as well. With an optional upgrade, you can view all the recorded scenes within a certain timeframe, up to 30 days. Customer service is available to answer questions, troubleshoot, and offer general support.

WiFi Baby 3 - Wireless iPhone, iPad, Android Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam DVR

Price: $$$

Editor's Rating: 3.5


iFi Baby is unique because it uses a URL system to allow remote viewing of up to four cameras simultaneously through a web browser on your mobile device. This gives you the option of multitasking with your device while keeping a constant feed open to your child.

Real-time night vision provides clear sight for up to 30 feet, which is more than enough for many rooms. The camera is able to utilize scheduled recordings with an internal DVR system that can hold up to 32GB with a separate MicroSD card, so you can watch the footage later if you miss something live. Since WiFi Baby is able to use up to four cameras, you'll be able to upgrade to a full home surveillance system.

There is no monthly service fee for using the device, only an effective online baby monitoring system. The camera itself is small and discreet, so it easily doubles as a nanny cam. WiFi Baby is a company based in the United States, and their MyWiFi Pro phone support staff is entirely located within the US. They provide professional setup and troubleshooting in the event of a problem.

LeFun WiFi Baby Monitor HD Review

Price: $

Editor's Rating: 4


nother option to consider for the Best WiFi Baby Monitor is the LeFun HD WiFi Baby Monitor Camera. The control with this camera is amazing, since it takes advantage of a rotating base to provide 350 degrees of freedom, and 100 degrees of tilt. The camera boosts up to 720p HD video, and it includes a digital zoom feature for closer inspection.

The set-up is a breeze thanks to the unique QR Code system the app uses to instantly add new cameras. The system uses cloud storage so you can record something now and watch it later, or watch live. You can even talk to your baby with the two-way speaker system built into the camera.

The app gives you an instant connection to your system no matter where you are, as long as you have access to a data network of some kind. A night vision mode is available thanks to the 12 infrared LEDs on the front of the camera.

Also, you can push notifications to the app about your baby activity. An expansion slot allows up to 32GB of recording space with a microSD card.

The app is able to connect with multiple camera units, so you can create a complete home safety net.

Nest Cam Security Camera

Price: $$$

Editor's Rating: 4.5


est is quickly making a name for itself as a leader in the home security and automation industry.

The Nest Cam offers true 1080p HD video streaming 24/7, unlike many other cameras that only provide 720p. Night vision is clear and crisp thanks to the infrared LEDs that illuminate even the darkest spaces.

The Nest app allows you to control the entire device right from you smartphone or tablet.

Each Nest Camera comes with a free 30-day trial of their Nest Aware service that provides customized alerts, continuous recording of up to 140GB per month, downloadable video clips, and time-lapsed footage. Without Nest Aware, you can still listen and talk back to your child through the included microphone, receive standard motion and sound alerts, use the Nest app to watch video anywhere, and view crystal clear video even in the middle of the night.

Some parents may worry about hackers breaking in and watching the streaming videos of their home, but Nest uses security measures that rival those of major banks. Setup is as simple as plugging in the camera and downloading the app. If you have any problem with setup or other difficulties, their dedicated customer support staff is available to help you with any issues.

Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD

Price: $

Editor's Rating: 4.2


he Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD can be used without the need for a web browser. The intuitive app is all that you need to unlock the full functionality of this baby monitor.

It has a high range of freedom with 320 degrees of rotation and 120 degrees of tilt. The video is constantly streamed to the app, and it can be recorded on a MicroSD card as well. The system takes advantage of a simple QR Code to add cameras, and each camera provides up to 720p HD footage. The camera does require wired power for continuous use, and it uses infrared LEDs for 24/7 video performance. Two-way voice is built in as well, so you can stay in constant contact with your child. The

The Vimtag camera helps you worry less about what's going on at home so you can focus on what needs to be done. The motion sensor will alert you via the app if there is anything unusual happening as well, giving you further peace of mind. This camera is only one of many home protection units from Vimtag, so you can upgrade your system if you deem it necessary.

Foscam FI8910W Camera WiFi Baby Monitor with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision

Price: $

Editor's Rating: 4


he Foscam must be set up with port-forwarding, but once that is complete, the camera can be streamed to the available Foscam Surveillance Pro app. You can stream live audio and video to the app on any smartphone, tablet, or PC, and you can take advantage of optional Cloud storage to watch your video footage anywhere, anytime.

It has a night vision reach of about 25 feet, and it uses a unique IR-cut off filter for the most realistic colors possible during daylight hours. The app gives the user full control over the pan and tilt functions built into the camera. Also, it offers the two-way voice system that provides another level of connection to your loved ones at home.

You can find a full library of support videos on the Foscam website for troubleshooting just about any issue you might have, and their helpful technical support staff can easily guide you through any other problems. They can even remotely log in to your system to more accurately detect sources of error. The combination of stellar customer service and versatile, advanced systems has made Foscam one of the most popular WiFi video monitoring services on the planet.

Withings Home Baby Bundle - Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Price: $$$

Editor's Rating: 4


his baby monitor is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing on the list. It uses a simple rounded design with a natural wooden cover, and it comes with two additional covers in pale blue and pink to complement any child's room.

It includes a built-in LED Lulla-light in the base that glows soothingly, and a speaker system plays gentle melodies to calm your baby.

The device is capable of measuring air pollutant levels in the surrounding environment via air quality sensors, and it comes with a push-to-talk feature that allows you to instantly open a line of audio communication with your child.

Alerts can be personalized to inform you when air pollutants reach unhealthy levels when movement or sound occurs, and more. Video can be streamed anywhere with the Home app, and the camera is capable of up to 12x zoom. A wide angle lens is used for optimal video recording, so you'll be sure to never miss a thing. You can even share portions of the recorded video with your loved ones through the app with optional CVR services.

Gynoii WiFi Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Price: $

Editor's Rating: 4


his family friendly baby monitor is best known for its Guest Account feature. Any guest that you choose can have access to your baby's video feed, and those guests only enjoy limited interactive features. These are great for letting grandparents, brothers, sisters, or close friends take a glimpse into the life of your baby. The most advanced security measures are taken to ensure no one views your streaming video except those you deem worthy.

The intuitive app lets you talk to your baby from anywhere, and you can set a voice only feature that turns your smartphone into a standard baby monitor. This is great for saving battery life when you want to hear your child, but wish to avoid constant streaming video. Of course, constant video streaming is also an option, and you can record content and view it later as well. Footage can be time-lapsed so you can watch an entire evening in a few minutes, which is great for learning about your baby's sleeping habits.

The Gynoii is designed for quick setup right out of the box, and it is exceptionally affordable compared to similar models.

This model doesn't offer a Pan​ & Tilt feature, but you can add this feature when you choose the color on Amazon Buying Page.

iBaby Monitor M6 HD Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera

Price: $$$

Editor's Rating: 4


he iBaby is packed with features that make it a perfect choice for home protection. It was designed for ultra-fast installation, requiring only a power outlet and connection with your smartphone via an included cable. The camera then syncs with your phone through the iBaby app, and you're instantly able to stream video. The brilliant architecture of the device gives it a complete 360 degree viewing angle, so nothing will be out of sight ever again. You can also play music for your child through the speaker, or speak directly to them. The camera uses 720p HD for crisp, clear video, and the streaming services go through the Amazon Cloud Server for the safest, most secure data transfers. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it pushes notifications when it goes beyond your preset sound or motion thresholds. The app can be used by anyone you wish to show your streaming feed, and you can share clips and advice with parents throughout the world, thanks to the social media platform.

The brilliant architecture of the device gives it a complete 360 degree viewing angle, so nothing will be out of sight ever again. You can also play music for your child through the speaker, or speak directly to them. The camera uses 720p HD for crisp, clear video, and the streaming services go through the Amazon Cloud Server for the safest, most secure data transfers. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it pushes notifications when it goes beyond your preset sound or motion thresholds. The app can be used by anyone you wish to show your streaming feed, and you can share clips and advice with parents throughout the world, thanks to the social media platform.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it pushes notifications when it goes beyond your preset sound or motion thresholds. The app can be used by anyone you wish to show your streaming feed, and you can share clips and advice with parents throughout the world, thanks to the social media platform.

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Do You Need a WiFi Baby Monitor?

​Nowadays, raising a child has become a very difficult task. You have to be quick and do multitasking a lot. You have to go to work but at the same time, your kid needs some attention and as a mother you have to always have an eye on him/her.

That's one of the main reasons why a lot of parents buy a baby monitor. They want to see and monitor their lovely baby the whole time, where ever they are.

The recent technological developments are allowing us to perform a lot of tasks easier than before. One of them is the baby monitoring. Now, you only need to buy a baby monitor with app for your smartphone and you are good to go.

Even though WiFi baby monitors are not as expensive as they used to be, a lot of parents still can't decide if they need a baby monitor with WiFi or not.

For this reason, I am going to show you some of the situations when purchasing a baby monitor with WiFi is a good investment and some situations when it is not.

Reasons for Buying a WiFi Baby Monitor

​Here are some situations which will make the purchase of a baby monitor with WiFi worth it:

1. ​If your baby sleeps in a separate room, then a baby monitor with app for your smartphone/tablet is a good decision, especially during the night.

What is the Best WiFi Baby Monitor

If this is one of the reasons why you are buying a WiFi monitor, then make sure to pick a device with a two-way talk feature, so you can hear when you baby wakes up in the middle of the night and put him back to sleep by just talking via the WiFi baby monitor app on your smartphone without getting out of the bed.

2. If you are a bit of over-concerned parent and always want to monitor him/her even when you are away, then investing in a baby monitor can be a good solution.

3. If you are live far away from the other part of the family, then a wireless baby monitor can be a great investment.

This situation fits great to families whose relatives and grandparents live abroad or in a different country but they would like to check their nephew often even when you are not at home. If this situation fits your family, make sure to pick a baby monitor with WiFi and a guest account feature.

4. If you have a job which makes you travel a lot, then purchasing a WiFi baby monitor will be one of the greatest purchases you will ever do. You can check and talk with your lovely baby at any time, where ever you are.

Even though they may be a lot of other situations which can make a WiFi baby monitor purchase worth it, I wrote only some of the most important and most common ones.

But, what about the reasons for not buying a Wireless baby monitor. Down below you can find some of them.

Reasons Against Buying a WiFi Baby Monitor

​Here are some situations which deciding to buy a baby monitor can be a bad choice or not worth it:

1. If you live in a very small house or environment and are always near your baby or can hear everything happening in the next room, then buying a wifi baby monitor is not worth the money.

2. If you have a little baby but have put his crib in your bedroom. In this situation, buying a baby monitor with wireless can be a bad investment because, at the night, you have your baby next to you and will hear when he/she is awake.

3. If you have a security system already installed in your home or apartment, then buying an extra camera for your baby is not worth the money because you can use a camera which is already installed on your home.

If your cameras are fixed and cannot be moved, then you can still buy a baby monitor but make sure to pick a model like the Nest Security Cam, which can be used as a baby monitor and later on can be used as a full security camera.

These are some of the situations when buying a baby monitor will not be a good investment.

I hope you make a decision if you need a wireless baby monitor after reading these situations.

If you have decided to purchase a wifi monitor, then down below you can find a short guide to help you choose the right baby monitor for your needs.

​How to Choose the Best Wireless Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor With WiFi

​When you decide to pick a baby monitor with wifi, there are a lot of different models and unique features to consider. If you pick a device with only the features you need, you will end saving a lot of money and headache.

Here are some features to consider on a baby monitor:

Camera Resolution and Viewing Angle

Camera quality and viewing angle are two of the most important things when you choose a baby monitor.

The basic purpose of a WiFi monitor device is for you to clearly see what your lovely baby is doing and if you go for a 240p resolution camera, you will hardly notice your baby's movements.

Usually, most of the WiFi baby monitors come with at least 480p resolution (HQ Quality), which is the lowest quality, in my opinion, to clearly see and monitor what your baby is doing.

If the monitor will be placed a few feet away from your baby, then I recommend you to go with an HD resolution or if you want the highest resolution and don't mind spending a few extra dollars, then a Full HD resolution is the best possible option.

Best iPhone WiFi Baby Monitor

Also, another feature to consider when choosing a baby monitor is its viewing angle. I recommend you to choose a device with a wide viewing angle or at least have a pan and tilt function with remote function, so you can point and see everything inside the room.

Sound Quality and Two Way Talk Feature

Another feature to consider is how clear you want to hear your baby and if you want to hear and talk back to him/her.

Try to pick a monitor with good sound quality (most of the wifi baby monitors come with good sound quality) and a two-way audio communication feature, which can give you the ability to hear and then talk back to your baby easily without going to his/her room.

Movement Sensor

If you have a baby which likes to move a lot and get out of the bed as soon as he/she is awake, then you should definitely consider a monitor with movement sensor.

All monitors with this feature will send you a quick notification when they catch a movement in your baby's room, so you can easily know when your baby is out of the bed or is awake.

Night Vision

Another important feature to consider when choosing the best wireless baby monitor is the night vision capabilities.

A lot of parents buy a monitoring device so they can easily see when their baby wakes up at night, so picking a device with good quality night vision can be a life-saver. You don't want to hear your baby cry in the middle of the night but can't see anything via the wireless monitor because the night image is blurry and unclear, so a device with good night vision quality can help you a lot.

Room Temperature Sensor

If you want a few extra helpful features on your baby monitor, then a room temperature sensor is definitely a must-have one.

All monitors who have this sensor can tell you the exact temperature of the room they are placed and some of them can even notify you if the temperature goes above or below the limit chosen by you.

Lullaby Mode

One cool extra feature to have on your monitor is the lullaby mode. If you are not into singing then a lullaby mode on your baby monitor can help a lot.

Monitors with this feature allow you to play a calm and sleepy tune into the room, so your baby can go gently to sleep.

This can be very useful during the night when your baby wakes up and you can remotely start a lullaby to make him/her go back to sleep without you going to his/her room.

Best Wireless Baby Monitor

Other Features

The upper mentioned features are the most important and the most common ones which parents look for on a good baby monitor.

There are a lot of other features which are not as useful as the upper mentioned ones, but still for a lot of parents can change the decision.

1. A Night Light - A night light is a cool feature to have on your baby monitor if you have noticed that your baby can't sleep in total darkness which can make him/her fall easily to sleep.

2. SD Card - If you want to record the footage of your baby activity, then a monitor with a SD card slot is the one for you. They can hold a lot of recorded footage based on the SD card capacity you buy.


Probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a wifi baby monitor is its price.

Wifi baby monitors have a reputation as expensive devices but the truth is that their price has fallen a lot and you can get a good quality monitor with all the necessary features with just one hundred bucks.

I recommend you to better spend some money on a decent quality device, so you won't have issues later.

Besides that, the wifi baby monitors can also be used as a security camera after your baby doesn't need monitoring anymore, so it is a win-win situation.

These are some of the most important features to consider when choosing the best wifi baby monitor.

I hope you have already made your decision, so here are some quick recommendations or just jump back at the top of this article and read the detailed reviews for each wifi baby monitor featured in this list.

What is The Best WiFi Baby Monitor Conclusions

WiFi Video Baby Monitor

With so many possible features available in these devices, it can be hard to narrow the field down to the best WiFi baby monitor. Your choice for the best monitor for your own home is going to depend on many factors: Do you need multiple cameras and viewing angles, whether you want to be able to save recorded footage or not, and simply the price.

For the best overall value, the Withings Home Baby Bundle Wireless Baby Monitor takes the cake. This adorable, functional device packs many features unavailable in some of the more expensive products, but for the same or better value than most. The addition of the LED lullaby sound system brings this monitor to the head of the bunch.

If you don't really mind a system without the additional bells and whistles associated with baby-monitoring, the Nest Cam Security Camera might be the ideal best WiFi baby monitor for your home. Nest provides all the features you'd expect from a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, and it does so at an affordable price. The addition of the monthly service fee is also well worth the features unlocked with Nest Aware.

For the best budget buy, I would recommend you to choose the Snug Baby Monitor. It has an amazing price, is easy to use, it has night vision, pan and tilt from the app and a lot of other features. If you are looking for a affordable baby monitor packed with features, Snug Baby Monitor is the perfect one.

Perhaps you'd prefer the system with the smallest blind spot ratio, and that would easily be the iBaby Monitor M6 HD Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera. With complete 360 degrees rotational freedom, no other camera can offer the same coverage. Since the iBaby also includes many other features, like music playback and two-way voice, it certainly deserves a spot in the top three.

After reading this article, I hope you found the Best WiFi Baby Monitor based on your preferences.

If you still haven't decided which one to take, you can check out the other alternatives found down below or shop for best traditional baby monitor and if you have two babies then you should look for the best dual baby monitor instead.